Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

It's all relative.

I am still working on the "Thusia" commentary, by the way. I have not forgotten! I am prioritizing writing for NaNoWriMo just now, so it's going slowly.

The other day at the gym I did farmer's walks, among other things. This is a pretty simple functional exercise: hold something heavy in each hand. Walk around with it. Sound like anything you do in real life? You bet. Except that mostly in real life you don't walk around with a 32kg kettlebell in each hand like I did. Oof. (That's 70 pounds in each hand, oh Amerifriends. This blog switches unit systems at will.)

It's a strongman stunt, like doing barbell Turkish get-ups is, but it has practical application for my current powerlifting hobby. Grip is an obvious one-- even just standing there holding those things is a grip workout. But mostly I did it for shoulder and back stability.

Oh, the things I do that I didn't know were possible! The down side is that Mr Pedia now refuses to carry grocery bags any more. He claims he's too weak.
Tags: life explosion, pushups

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