GIP! Holmes and LPW

It's a GIP! I've been icon-hunting while Mr Pedia reads the Holmes story and complains that I need to make my ACD/Watson voice more florid.

Check out artintheblood's Holmes & Wimsey icons. Nice, nice. The icons include this lovely one featuring the wonderful Eric Porter as Moriarty. Of course I am all about Porter's Soames Forsyte, Mr Sulky, but I also think his Moriarty was appropriately reptilian.
Flrorid Why? Please do not tell me he is a Nigel Bruce fan?? *Shudders*

Those are good icons! I have being tring to find a good one of Brett and Hardwick though, the best pairing ever!!!
Longer sentences, with more elaborate structure, and more descriptive adjectives ladled on. My normal writing style is fairly spare, with as much cognitive load packed into verbs as I can manage, which isn't really the ACD style. So I have to push it a little further than I have.
I read more ACD pastiches than I do fanfic. And what I look for in that is not am exact mimicing of that, instead I look for characterization. Do the characters act in a consistent and believiable way? Just like I do not expect BTVS fanfic to be just like as if it were written by Jane Epson. But I do want the characters to act like themselves. Maybe you are trying too hard. Just write like you, not like ACD.
I meant I read more Sherlock holmes pastiches than I do SH fanfic. And this is because most SH fanfics totally characterization. And as I think I mentioned previously, ignore watson totally and use a Mary Sue natrrator.
The Mary Russell problem? I half like and half hate the Beekeeper books. Partly it's because I am a fan of Watson, and believe that he is stupid only in comparison with Holmes. I dislike movie & book treatments in which he's depicted as a buffoon. This is one of the reasons the Granada series was so good (that and Brett's utter perfection in the role).

I like Nicholas Meyer's books. The West End Horror is one of my favorites.
I totally agree! I like the MAry Russell books too, but I want Watson! I agree that he is no idiot. He is a well educated man. Homes would never have tolerated a buffoon.

I liked the Meyer's book's too.