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I should know better than to play with kittens.

We took Dimmer Dog to the vet this morning to be prodded at. While this was happening I played with one of the kittens up for adoption there. Ms Inky Blot came from this vet, which works with local shelters to get kittens adopted. It socializes them and gets them started with shots & neutering. Donations go to fund medical services for animals in need of it. Their kittens are always so well socialized. Ms Blot is typical. She charmed my husband so much that he just took her home.

This kitten I played with this morning is a little older and the last of his litter. He had a funky tail and something wrong with his two hind legs. They splayed out oddly. This didn't prevent him from being a holy terror when chasing his toy around and skittering across the floor. He also knew very well when I picked him up afterward that he was going back into his cage and he didn't want to go back. Argh. My heart broke. We cannot cope with additional pets right now. [ETA: Mr P went back about a week later & he'd been adopted! Yay!]

Then we went to my current-favorite coffee house and one of my exes was there wondering why we were in his 'hood. He's a nice guy, mind you. We were at each other's weddings. That sort of ex. I once again stared at the baristas doing the Hario pour-over dance and wondered if I have the patience to learn how to do that. The Aeropress is so easy and makes such nice coffee.

Random tumblogs: I've been enjoying Fuck Yeah Pre-Raphaelites, which is exactly what it claims to be.

Random music: Daft Punk vs the Beatles. Still my favorite mashup 6 years later: Armin van Buuren vs Coldplay, "Fix you Zocalo". (Couldn't find a better link for that one, sorry.) Rummaging around for that also turned up the Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla remix of Imogen Heap's "Hide & Seek". (Kills the AAA Tiësto remix dead if you ask me.)

Images: Here's a lovely promo shot of ASH. I have seen this in only one form before, in an icon that michamon uses. And I see that wickedfox made that icon, so obviously I was just not looking! Must ponder iconifying it differently. Ponder, ponder.
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