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Unwanted evangelism.

What, you want an entry? It's November now! I wrote an entry a day in October and that's enough of that!

Okay, I did have a topic for today. I have been reading off and on on the flist that people have stories on this computer and not that computer and can or can't work on them as a result. This means that these unfortunates are not using Dropbox. This is suboptimal.

Sign up for Dropbox. (Or use this referral code that gets me more space if you use it.)
It's free unless you want gobs and gobs of space, in which case you give them money. For "gobs" read "gigabytes".
Download it to each computer you have: it supports OS X, Windows, iOS, and Linux.
Sign in on each computer.
Put stuff you want synched everywhere into the Dropbox folder.
Watch your files magically appear on each of your computers.
Make changes on one computer. Watch them appear on another!
You can share folders with other Dropbox users if you want.

On OS X & Linux you can just symlink existing folders into the Dropbox folder so you don't have to move any existing files to get the benefit. This is what I do. (Note for Mac users that aliases don't work. Use your shell of choice to make proper symlinks with ln -s.)

Thus your files will follow you around and you will always have at least one backup of important things.
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