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A Sunday grab-bag.

"Thusia" commentary is in progress. This one might take a couple of days. It's a lot longer than the other stories I just did! I've got some notes from the original plot summary and so on to include with that one, so you can compare the plan with the result. Er, if anybody is interested in these things. I love fic postmortems. They're part of my learning process. Love reading them from other people, too.

Pets: Dimmer Dog aka Pirate Dog is having a hard time of it. He's started having seizures regularly. He woke us up at 4am this morning with one. We have medication for him when this happens, but he makes the most alarming and weird noises during them. Then he's drugged out and floppy for a while afterward-- one of his meds is Valium.

You know where this story is going to end. It's all side effects from his gradually failing kidneys. But for now he recovers and then totters around the house perfectly happily.

Random: Appscript is the bomb.

Life explosion: I forget whether I mentioned that I'm going to compete in a powerlifting meet in February. I, er, am. I hope. There aren't a lot of women in the sport, overall, I know, but I really have no idea how many might be competing here. Or what the competition might be like in the master's division. Or what a "don't embarrass myself" total weight might be. But I'm going to do it anyway, just because. I hope. I've started training for it. Rawr.

Geekery: I've been trying to figure out how to make my LJ archive tool archive comments in the wake of LJ's disastrous little cookie/auth change this week. I'm not sure what they did, why, or what I'm supposed to be doing instead. The tool overall uses challenge/response sessiongenerate to get a login session, and this works for all journal data except the comment export. Note that the comment export documentation says it should. I doubt LJ's new overlords bothered to update the documentation, however, just as they failed to bother to announce an upcoming change to their API. This is what we call "unprofessional". Am I really supposed to use login.bml instead? Really? That's one step above screen scraping.

ETA: Answer, yes, they really messed up, I have to do the login.bml screenscrape dance. Well, I'm guessing it's a half-assed fix by somebody who didn't thoroughly test all code paths. Gotta live with it, though.
ETAA: Done. It works again.

Am tempted to rewrite the darn tool in Ruby just so I can clean it up. I have gone off Python and I find myself irritated to have to write it again.

 Borobudur by System 7 from Golden Section (Rating: 0)
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