Giles/Xander 2

Not a fanmix, because it doesn't have a shiny cover image.

Today I have a music mix for you, because the commentary on "Liberation" isn't going to be done today. (Today is orig fic day.)

01 Sigur Ros / Takk
02 Loscil / Endless Falls
03 Brian Eno / Empty Landscape
04 Solar Fields / Going In
05 Chad Hoefler / Shadowshine
06 Clouds Echo in Blue / The Sound At the End of the World
07 Shane Carruth / It's Like It Sings
08 Solar Fields / Embraced
09 The Candlepark Stars / Can't Break Me
10 The Slow and Steady Winners / Blankets
11 Jon Hopkins / Cold Out There
12 Codes in the Clouds / The Distance Between Us
13 Shane Carruth / Making A Bigger One
14 Anesthesia / Megan
15 Underworld / To Heal
16 Phoenix / Love Like a Sunset, Pt. II
17 Honeyroot / Every Single Day

This is a shortened version of the two-hour playlist I made for mood-setting music while I was writing the story. It follows the emotional curve of the story itself, more or less. Wet, then creepy, then emotional, then cold. Ends in a good mood. Only the final two tracks have any vocals at all.

Download it from Sendspace here. If you like any of these tracks, you can find the artists on iTunes and Bandcamp, all the usual places. Most of them aren't well known but they do great work and could use a few dollars sent their way.

Random: The October trifecta of deaths of Significant Figures in the History of Computing did not include Richard Stallman. But you can enjoy The Stallman Dialogues anyway. (Aside; man, can the open source movement find a non-nauseating figurehead already? Please?)

 Making A Bigger One by Shane Carruth from Primer score (Rating: 4)
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Thanks so much for sharing this! I looked up what I could on Spotify and have found in Jon Hopkins a particular new favorite. Fairytale was not on your list but will be part of my this year's Nano Novel Soundtrack. Will probably buy the Opalescent album, too. Thanks again. Are you doing Nano this year?
I love "Fairy Tale" and just about all of Hopkin's early work. Opalescent is lovely!

And I think I'll be doing NaNo this year unofficially, as a way to get myself to a rapid finish on a first draft of my novel. My goal would be to add 50K words to the existing 35K. Then I will hold an unofficial National Novel Editing Month in December :D