Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

How much for the little girl?

I am home again. Apparently I still have a husband and four pets. Cat #1 fled at my appearance, but cat #2 flung herself at me in a purrtastic spasm that ended the instant I fed her. As usual. It's nice to know I was missed not even in the least.

Coffee: Current winner of the Bay Area roaster taste tests by me and me, along with me: Barefoot. Okay, I've only tried four so far. Shut up. I swear the best thing about being home is that I get to brew myself some awesome coffee tomorrow morning. Don't tell Mr Pedia I said that. Definitely don't tell cat #2. Her revenge will happen at 4am.

Whedon: Mr Pedia informs me of this. Ulch, Tom Lenk again? What is his obssession with that guy? My loathing for Andrew knows no bounds. This biases me. As for the rest of the concept: well, I am prepared to enjoy it whenever it's done.

Random: Typographer Ryan Gosling. I have no idea who this Ryan Gosling person is, but this is hilarious.

Disappointments: The first five minutes of Blues Brothers 2000 makes it clear it's going to suck. Oh dear.

 Clear For Landing (Simon O'Shine Remix) by Mesmerized from Clear For Landing - Single (Rating: 0)
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