Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Heading home again tomorrow

It was a good con. It ended with the Foo Fighters playing, and they were pretty fun. Then I went off & had two martinis. This means a certain amount of hiccery right now. I hope that I will not be all headachy on the drive home tomorrow.

Normal interesting blogging services should resume on Monday, when I will have the time to experience the world around me as usual.

ObWittering: I have reached the stage in the novel where I am constantly thinking about it and working on little writing problems in my head. The characters are now in motion all on their own in my imagination. I've been able to do some writing every day I've been in LA as a result. This is good. I still need to find ways to be more cruel to them, however. My perennial flaw as a writer is that I do not torture my characters enough. Sigh.
Tags: fic wittering

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