dangerous 2

They're just like in LA Story.

I have now had enough of LA freeways to last me another year or two, and I haven't even done any driving on them this time. California freeways are their own thing, and driving on them is unlike driving on lesser highways. I have always felt like a shark among minnows when I drive in rush hours in cities elsewhere in the country. LA takes that several notches further and makes me feel like a minnow.

The air is so hazy. I look at it and think about just why it is that California has such stringent regulations on air pollution and car emissions. I imagine LA before those regulations. Yow.

There were two small quakes in the San Francisco area today. I am even now encouraging Mr Pedia to revist our earthquake kit, by which I mean "get us an earthquake kit to start with".

Insert mandatory comment about how I'd rather have earthquakes than tornados.

 This Is Where... by Televise from Songs to Sing In A&E (Rating: 0)
I love L.A. Story so very much and sometimes it seems like I'm the only person on the planet who has ever seen it or liked it! So bonus points for your post title. That is if you were referring to the movie, if not, what the hell, bonus points anyway! (I think the commas got away from me in that sentence).

Living in tornado country isn't all bad. Usually the sirens go off and everyone runs to the window or outside to see if they can see anything and then they turn on the news to see where the storm is. In fact, we tend to spend most of the tornado sirens watching the news. :p
Yes, I was referring to the movie!

Tornados scare me because if they touch down on you, that's it. The building is toast. Earthquakes you can mostly build to survive and plan for. And they don't happen very often.
That's not entirely true about tornadoes. A lot depends on how strong the tornado is. Mostly you'll get downed tree limbs and power lines and possibly a car or two gets creamed, but houses can bite it, here ,even in strong thunderstorms if a tree falls over. There are tornado proof buildings, people just tend not to build them. I think mostly because it's weird to us to live in a dome shaped house and also because they've never heard of it. lol

I see your point, though, because I think I'd take tornadoes over earthquakes!
I love LA Story. I love that you brought it up. :)

I like/loathe the freeways out there. They're challenging. Granted, after flying halfway across the country to get there, a challenging drive generally isn't what I need.

I'd rather have tornados than earthquakes... though if I could afford to move to the bay area (ish), I totally would.
Yeah, after a disorienting plane fight a bout of 80mph bumper to bumper traffic isn't what you want. I'm often driving down here from the SF area and it seems I always hit greater LA just in time for late afternoon rush hour misery. Always.
I'd rather have neither...

Tornadoes though, at least you get warning for them in advance. An earthquake is more WHAM! You've been EARTHQUAKED! But since I live in an area where the earthquakes are never serious and the tornadoes sometimes are... well, when picking between natural disasters, fun!sized Earthquake beats just about everything else.
Neither would be a win! I sort of liked New England, where you get hurricanes once every few decades and only need to cope with blizzards on a regular basis. And you can totally prepare for those.