Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

They're just like in LA Story.

I have now had enough of LA freeways to last me another year or two, and I haven't even done any driving on them this time. California freeways are their own thing, and driving on them is unlike driving on lesser highways. I have always felt like a shark among minnows when I drive in rush hours in cities elsewhere in the country. LA takes that several notches further and makes me feel like a minnow.

The air is so hazy. I look at it and think about just why it is that California has such stringent regulations on air pollution and car emissions. I imagine LA before those regulations. Yow.

There were two small quakes in the San Francisco area today. I am even now encouraging Mr Pedia to revist our earthquake kit, by which I mean "get us an earthquake kit to start with".

Insert mandatory comment about how I'd rather have earthquakes than tornados.

 This Is Where... by Televise from Songs to Sing In A&E (Rating: 0)
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