So how long *does* it take?

I am now in lovely Anaheim, California, with friends, about to attend a gaming convention because I am an ubernerd. Alas, Mr P is not with me. He is home caring for the animals. Fortunately because of personal computing devices, it's just like he's in the other room at home sending me links & tweeting alarming things like asking how long it takes to die after you've swallowed a fishbone.


We fed some ostriches in Solvang on the way down. That was truly absurd. Ostriches are definitely alien creatures. So are elephant seals.

PS: Thank you to the person who sent me the "keep writing" vgift! I will indeed keep plugging.
Oh, you're in my neck of the woods, sort of. Is the convention at the convention center?
Yup, the con is at the Anaheim convention center. 30,000 gamers descending on the place to talk about Blizzard games. The conversations I'm overhearing at restaurants are hilarious.