Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Perhaps I will break my streak tomorrow.

Ran around like a mad person today. Gym, where I failed to run as much as I ought to have. Lunch with a young friend who's a Stanford undergraduate, at an Indian place that's his favorite and was a regular lunch spot of mine when I worked in downtown Palo Alto, lo! these ten years ago now. Errands. Packing for the trip I'm going on tomorrow, with nemaihne and Mr N! Sans Mr P, alas, but he refuses to entrust the ill doggie to anybody else's care. Then dinner out with Mr Pedia, because we won't be able to do our usual date night out on Friday because I will be away.

In the middle of that I also had to log in for the usual Tuesday night raid with my World of Warcraft guild, and when I say "my" guild, I mean that I am the GM and have been for some time. I will indulge in a spate of jargon: we're a semi-hardcore 10s guild, 6/7 FL heroics, and they'll be doing our first pulls of heroic Rags without me this week. This is one of the responsibilities I need to get rid of from my life, but it's the one I need to be most careful about because it involves other people. Being GM of a guild is sort of like being a cruise director, with bookkeeping. I love these people, they are my friends, but I am completely burned out on raiding and it's now definitely in the "I will regret spending any more of my life on this" category. I need to disengage without letting them down, which means I need to find a successor. Ugh.

Fic wittering: I oscillate between being really excited about my novel, the world-building I'm doing for it, the story, and the characters (one in particular has me just thrilled to be writing about them [sic] [sic] [dammit]) and being sick with despair about how bad the current draft is and how horrible my prose is etc etc you may fill in the usual whinging. Gah. Oscillate. Oscillate.

 Is That What Everybody Wants? by Cliff Martinez from Solaris (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) (Rating: 0)
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