Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Still pondering yesterday's insights.

We've been watching Sanctuary the last few nights. My assessment is so far meh. Bad pacing. Erratic writing. Epically terrible accents. And some pretty horrible rendered cityscapes. It is only faith in the recommendations of others that keeps us watching.

Software: Effing timezone bugs. Some links got missed in this morning's automatic Giles Watching newsletter because of a timezone thing. I think. Must test this theory. There's time as considered by LJ for the previous Giles Watcher's post (might be stamped as GMT-7), time as considered by pinboard, and time as considered by the heroku shard that the newsletter app is running on. Three services reporting data with time that I might be mishandling. I hate timezones. They should be abolished.

Politics: Lemony Snicket on Occupy Wall Street, as mirrored by Nail Gaiman.

Fic wittering: Mmmmmmrpmmmph. Everything I've been writing this week has been terrible. Argh. Argh. Headdesk.
Tags: life, television

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