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It's better than a dadaist pep talk.

I was at the gym this morning and somebody stopped me in the locker room. She hadn't been a member at the gym for a year, she said, but now she was again. Most people look just the same as they did a year ago, but not me. I looked great, she told me. This made me grin ridiculously, as you might imagine.

Old-fashioned strength and conditioning, people! Lift heavy weights, run and/or row, and eat a lot of protein. Magic things happen that aren't magical at all, but just the body responding as it ever does. Plus you can do things like carry all of the grocery bags in from the car at once without noticing. (Feel free to substitute the daily lifting task of your choice there.)

Do not underestimate the psychological benefits of physical strength. There is something about this literal empowerment that translates into overall empowerment. If you can effect that change in your body, you can change other things. Many other things. And you have power over your environment that you didn't have before.

End of newage pep talk.

More listening: Ultimae Records's entire catalog on Bandcamp. All of it! A label with amazing taste in ambient trance/psychill/whatever you want to call the downtempo electronic genre this week.

What are you listening to these days?

 Barefoot by Chicane from Giants (Rating: 0)
Are you still doing that... crap, I can't remember the name of the page/exercise you mentioned a while back, where you do ridiculously insane lifting exercises? I was going to look into it, but my former gym was not conclusive to it.

Anyway, good on you for your continued hard work.
I still do some Crossfit-like stuff, yeah, when I need to do metabolic conditioning aka more intense cardio. High-intensity circuit training is another word for it. I don't do pure Crossfit at a Crossfit gym or anything like that, because they're more about the workouts that leave you thrashed than about strength. Crossfit at a gym with an instructor who has training beyond just Crossfit is a great way to go from couch potato to the best shape of your life, though.