Remixing is awesome.

Reading: I wish to commend to your attention "Reflection" by thea_bromine. Giles/Xander, complete in 5 parts. Several fic kinks here, starting with virgin sacrifice to avert apocalypse and ending with a whole lot of hurt/comfort. This story is an inversion of "Incident", which has the same setup but is, well, different. Do you prefer Ripper or hurt/comfort? You get to pick.

I like this idea of remixing one's own story. Some premises are, after all, pure classics that you can ring changes on all day. Suppose you left out the hurt/comfort the first time! You can fix it on the second permutation.

This makes me wonder if there's a remix yourself ficathon anywhere.

Remixing is cool: I heard this remix first (on Armin van Buuren's ASOT radio show) then discovered that the original is quite different. I bet if you like one of those musical genres you probably won't be into the other. And even if you like uplifting trance, you might not like any of the three mixes on the original release. I love how far the remixes can stray from the original, though.

Here's another example: Quivver remixes "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You". Tech house meets Led Zeppelin. Zep steals from a folkie artist; Quivver takes it somewhere else entirely.

More on this theme: 33 Simultaneous Orinoco Flows. "Welcome to the most stupefying, drooling song in the world times 33."
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I love what thea_bromine is doing and it's so much more than a mere remix. I'd call it an inversion.

And I think the idea of inverting one's own work could be a useful and creative exercise (especially when the muse is MIA).
Huh. Turns out 33 Orinico Flows are way worse than 1. Who knew?

I like the idea of remixing your own work. I can fix all that I hate about my original versions.
The true horror of those 33 Orinoco Flows is that they can be synchronized at all. None of them vary from the original in any interesting way that brings something new to the piece. You can like or dislike the 4 trance versions of David Berkeley's song, but none of them can be layered onto any other, nor can the original go right over them.

32 completely useless covers.

If there isn't a remix-yourself ficathon there needs to be.
The thought of remixing one's work is amusing. Not sure if I am at that place yet.

I do have some issues with remixes in music. I like a lot of remixes, and sometimes the remix is better than the original. My biggest complaint is from composers, though. I think they use it as a crutch when "creating" new and original works. Like we wouldn't figure it out. The worst offenders are John Williams and the late John Barry. I can forgive Barry though, because his canvases are so rich and epic. John Williams, I cannot. He's so prolific and popular that people don't seem to care. I personally, don't want to hear an inverted Star Wars theme in Indiana Jones. Don't get me wrong, they are great themes, but whoa, so lazy. Original works, for original movies, composers.

Sorry, I took this down rant lane. LOL

Oh and I love Armin van Buuren.
John Williams is a hack and has been for a while. I didn't know John Barry's name, but I just looked him up and of course I have heard his work! That's one huge film scoring career there.

I don't listen to a lot of film scores per se. My current writing playlists are where "cinematic" meets "post rock". Film-score-ish compositions that establish moods but aren't for any specific film. Brian Eno's Music for Films is an example, but I'm thinking more of Kerry Muzzey aka The Candlepark Stars and things like that.
Oh, thank goodness we agree on John Williams! LOL

I am a film score junkie, but I like the big epic scores with lots of brass and drama. Kerry Muzzey is excellent. I love If Dante Had Wings, Palladio, and Flying. I'm a music nerd, I can talk about it all day.

I also have playlists for writing. Most of the pieces I write to are pieces from various soundtracks. My current darling is Hans Zimmer. Now there is a man who reinvents himself for every new film. One of my favorite pieces by him is 160BPM from Angels and Demons, classical meets electronic in a way.