Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Time to go to sleep.

It has been a bad month for the giant names of computing: first Steve Jobs, and today Dennis Ritchie. Even well-educated friends who ought to know better have been muttering superstitious nonsense about these things coming in threes. I hope not.

Don't know who Ritchie is? Don't have a copy of K&R on your shelf? So much of what you use every day runs on or was written with his work: see the Economist's article for an introduction.

I have no fic wittering to share today. Wednesdays are usually my busy day, where I'm booked from early morning to late evening, and today was typical. At least some of that booked time was gym time. Bench pressing today. I have been learning how to bench press like a power lifter, not like a body builder. I'm still weak as a kitten as this lift. I tweaked my shoulder earlier this year and avoided heavy pressing movements for several months, which didn't help.

… Mr Pedia just dragged me outside to look at the moon. Two nifty features visible tonight: Jupiter riding in the sky just below it, and an ice crystal halo all the way around it. That's a nice way to end my day.
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