Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

We're now watching Haven, sort of.

Together time with Mr P recently has involved a tour of what television shows we can stream via Vudu. We watch little bits of interesting shows until we find something that's interesting enough to watch all the way through. We succeeded with Alphas. We failed to get through the Burn Notice pilot. Failed, in fact, to get as far as any Bruce Campbell appearances, which means we might be missing the thing that makes it watchable. Haven had some meh writing in the pilot, but it also had some snappy dialog. We were amused to see the actor who played Jesse in the first two episodes of Buffy in the pilot.

Just watched the second episode. It was okay. Show can't decide if it's a downer or not.

Oh. Yeah. And. Three hundred words of coffee shop AU. I have my narrative hook, I think, and a sense of what the characters are up to in this universe. Am waffling on the overall plot, but I think once I watch these people in action in their new setting in some lighter-weight scenes I'll be able to decide which plot concept works best.

I can see the coffee shop very clearly now. I believe, in contradiction to my previous declaration, that it's called The Magic Box. And that's enough wittering about that.
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