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And that's probably the end of that topic until next year.

More on television: We finished the first (and so far only) season of Alphas last night and I'm going with a whole-hearted rec for it if you enjoy that category of genre TV. The setup: A psychiatrist is working with a group of human beings with special abilities, called Alphas, to solve crimes committed by other superhumans. He is loosely affiliated with the US government, which has an interest in using and understanding Alpha abilities that might or might not be benign. Meanwhile, other Alphas are working together in a group called Red Flag that the government describes as a terrorist organization. And since they tried to assassinate the doctor, he tends to agree. Complications ensue.

So it's a riff on the same theme as X-Men, Heroes, and classic SF like Slan. It's character-driven rather than explosion-driven. The team doesn't necessarily get along with each other or even cooperate when they should. Expect a grittier feel than Warehouse 13 or Eureka; people do get killed and the protagonists will make mistakes & fail sometimes. It's got good writing, good acting, some fun guest stars (Brent Spiner, Summer Glau). I wasn't once tempted to throw anything at the TV screen over epic plot stupidities, which is unusual.

It's a Skiffy Channel original series. Should be streamable in high quality online from all the usual services as well as watchable on the Skiffy Channel's site.

I don't feel particularly fannish in the creative sense about this one, but I'll be watching the second season as it airs.
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