For your year-end fic writing plans.

Idiot Box: Mr P & I watched more Alphas and so far (only so far mind you) it is the most intelligent take on the superheroes problem I've seen yet. Recommended for people who liked the concept of Heroes and the X-Men but couldn't stop eye-rolling at the stupidity of those specific implementations. (I hear some of the X-Men movies have been good. Heroes, however, went to hell in a grand way after that tantalizing first season.)

Alphas is character-driven in the interesting way. Also, it's doing something I love in looking at where super-human abilities intersect with disabilities. I hope it keeps doing these interesting things and doesn't crater.

The Drunken!Giles plan: In the middle of November I'll post a call for prompts. On the first of December, I'll post the collected prompts for your perusal (sans posters, because it's not an exchange ficathon). On January first, I'll start collecting fic written as prompt responses in a master post. The usual low-ceremony promptathon approach, in other words.

Mark your calendars.

 Episode 211 of Rotation by DJ Addison from Rotation (Rating: 0)
Gary is a fabulous character. We're not all that far into the season (4 eps, I think?) but he's already got complex motivations and has grown far more than I expected they'd let him grow.
We just this minute finished watching "Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure." That's an awesome awesome pair of characters.
*giggle* Ooooh, yes. My favourite line is still the one where Gary's complaining that Bill doesn't have any grenades. :D