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A man, a plan, a canal, a coconut-milk latte!

So right where was I, fannish stuff, oh yes, stopping talking about the coffee shop AU because I now have a file for it in my fic repository. Friday, Saturday, & Sunday are big Original Fiction Novel project days for me, so I generally don't even think about fanfic over my weekends. But perhaps I will find some moments to write a plan. It's going to be set now, but with the characters more or less in their season 5 states.

I sliced the pad of my ring finger on a safety razor this morning in the shower at the gym. I am talented, yes. It hurts when I type. Ow ow. This is going to get in the way, because I am a touch typist. My ring finger just goes and types without me thinking about it until ow.

Gym today: if I'm honest, gym nearly every day. I am now training to do my first powerlifting meet some time next year. This means I am learning slightly modified versions of the three classic lifts: benchpress, deadlift, and back squat. Your score in weightlifting competitions is the total of the weights you were able to lift successfully, as determined by a judge or judges. If two competitors have the same total, the lighter person wins. You only compete against people in the same weight class, the way wrestling and boxing work. At the moment my total is 620 pounds, but that's sort of low, and probably my squat wasn't deep enough, so I have a lot of work to do. I'm also going to want to drop down a weight class, most likely, and that'll be annoying.

Yes, my project to do a single pushup has exploded somewhat. I'm not complaining. I'm well beyond "best shape of my life" status now.

Remember that "Syfy" is pronounced "Skiffy": We watched the pilot of Alphas last night and enjoyed it. The white male viewer-identification/wish-fulfillment character is fugly instead of at least being eye candy, but what can you do. The rest of the cast is interesting. We'll probably watch more.

Random: If you played Portal, you will enjoy the new GLaDOSiri feature of iPhone 4S. I know I'm looking forward to it.

 Spectral Nation by Solar Fields from EarthShine (Rating: 0)
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