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I think the shop is called The King of Cups.

While skimming coffeeshop AU bookmarks on pinboard yesterday, I had the following thought: Wow, you can get away with a lot of nonsense when your readers are pre-invested in your story. Nonsense stops being nonsense and starts being the most sensible thing ever when the readers are there rooting for your story to go where they need it to go. Fanfic writers are blessed.

For "coffeeshop au nonsense", read "wingfic", "mpreg", slave au, soul bonding, or the idea of writing fic about the blank slates of Inception to begin with. All the things we love.

Also, it's the same ten stories bookmarked over and over. And they're all slash. Possibly that's just the bias of the pinboard bookmark set, but it does strongly argue for a het or gen entry into the coffeeshop AU genre.

I'm still searching for my source of conflict, aka my plot.

On Steve Jobs: Do I have an opinion? Of course I have an opinion. Death is an obscenity. It is the enemy of all human beings and something we should work unceasingly to conquer. We shouldn't have to lose anybody. We feel it more keenly when we lose creative people, or people who've done something that has touched a lot of people. And yes, the man who has done more than any other single human being to advance the state of personal computing is one of those people.

I say this as someone who's only ever worked for his competitors.

 Epicentre (First Movement) by Carbon Based Lifeforms from Hydroponic Garden (Rating: 0)
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