I think the shop is called The King of Cups.

While skimming coffeeshop AU bookmarks on pinboard yesterday, I had the following thought: Wow, you can get away with a lot of nonsense when your readers are pre-invested in your story. Nonsense stops being nonsense and starts being the most sensible thing ever when the readers are there rooting for your story to go where they need it to go. Fanfic writers are blessed.

For "coffeeshop au nonsense", read "wingfic", "mpreg", slave au, soul bonding, or the idea of writing fic about the blank slates of Inception to begin with. All the things we love.

Also, it's the same ten stories bookmarked over and over. And they're all slash. Possibly that's just the bias of the pinboard bookmark set, but it does strongly argue for a het or gen entry into the coffeeshop AU genre.

I'm still searching for my source of conflict, aka my plot.

On Steve Jobs: Do I have an opinion? Of course I have an opinion. Death is an obscenity. It is the enemy of all human beings and something we should work unceasingly to conquer. We shouldn't have to lose anybody. We feel it more keenly when we lose creative people, or people who've done something that has touched a lot of people. And yes, the man who has done more than any other single human being to advance the state of personal computing is one of those people.

I say this as someone who's only ever worked for his competitors.

 Epicentre (First Movement) by Carbon Based Lifeforms from Hydroponic Garden (Rating: 0)
Death is an obscenity. It is the enemy of all human beings and something we should work unceasingly to conquer. We shouldn't have to lose anybody.

Yes! Very sad news about Jobs. :(

And yeah, I think coffee shop au calls for het. BG het. :)
I feel like there was SGA-writer bashing somewhere in there, but I can't quite put my finger on it, lol.

Coffeeshop AUs tend to be all about the relationship. One of them owns the shop, the other is an oblivious customer who finds some reason to keep spending more and more time in the shop without realizing it's because they're in love with the owner until some pivotal point in the story while the owner pines over them. Also, it's a chance to explore what things are essential about each character to make them those characters.
If I bashed anything, it was all fanfic in all fandoms, 'cause I have never read SGA or watched more than a minute of it. I do love it all while enjoying its silliness.
Starbucks moving in is the conflict.

From the character's POV: You have your wonderful neighborhood coffee shop, with it's regulars, it's special roasts, the baristas who KNOW how to really make perfect espresso AND can whip up a Chai Latte (house blend) that doesn't suck, that also sells divine pastries that are locally baked and even does simple sandwiches on fresh daily baked bread, hosts music and open mike nights, poetry readings, and has great wi-fi and then BOOM, fucking Starbucks moves in across the street. Suddenly it's all super strong coffee and frappachinos for once loyal customers. As if a spell has been put upon people to forgo the good coffee for the corporate stuff.

I could see Buffy being seriously annoyed that her favorite coffee joint was being squeezed out of business by Starbucks. She can get Starbucks ANYWHERE. But a perfect mocha served by an English dude in an earring who sings? And is mysterious? That's priceless.

(Ahem, as you can tell, I am waaaaaaaaay too taken with the idea and strongly throwing my support towards B/G, as usual. Since you started posting on the coffee shop AU stuff I have been pondering Peet's vs. Starbucks vs. some of the independent options.)
I have never read coffee shop au before but it does sound interesting. I would cast my vote B/G version of it. It was sad to hear about Steve Job that man was just brilliant. I just love my ipod and ipod shuffle. I never lean home with out one of them.