And the two following it, showing that he's wearing his earring right then, and the wind is ruffling his hair, and mmm. Eye candy.
Re: coffeeshop
Yes! This also interests me. I think he might be into vacuum brewing, among other things.
I am obviously not going to get any real work done today....

Here you go:
Giles with coffee icon for Antennapedia
I just tried cropping it myself. (I am so not an actual icon-maker.) Hmm. Compare, compare, ponder ponder!
I think I like your cropping better. Either that or I need to blur out the background.

Edited at 2011-10-05 09:26 pm (UTC)
Yours works too :-)

I did a tiny bit of playing with levels & filters, but it doesn't make a big difference from yours.
Love that pic Giles is so yummy there. Is this going to be Buffy/Giles fic. I can't wait to see what you have in strore
...I wish to subscribe to this newsletter.

I adore coffeeshops AUs immensely, partly because I generally love AUs where people aren't who they are in canon jobs-wise but the personalities and traits still shine through, and partly because I practically live in coffeeshops.
Yeah, the character thing is why I want to write this. It's a challenge. Also, at some earlier points in my life I lived in coffeeshops too.
Oh, no, Giles! That skim latte is laced with the amnesia/pon farr double roofie!

Though alas, I can see by that lustful Xander-directed gaze that the drug is already taking effect...

I can't resist a call to icon Giles. If you like it, it's yours! :D