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Random discussion topic.

Okay, I'll bite. What's a coffeeshop AU? Is this like a highschool AU only everybody's a hipster instead?

ETA: Oh wow, there are coffeeshop AUs for everything. Though not for BtVS. Obviously it needs one. Giles owns it, of course, and Anya is one of his baristas. Tara & Willow are college students who hang out there often to study. Where I go from there depends on which ship I'm pursuing. I could see Ethan here in various roles. Xander repairs the La Marzocco machine, and catches the eye of the owner... or it's the young blonde college student who breaks the arm of the would-be robber who attracts his attention. Or...

It is, I suppose, an exercise in character. Drain away the extraordinary circumstances that surrounds our genre heroes normally, then examine the essence of who they are that remains.

No, I don't read much, if anything, beyond BtVS. Why do you ask?
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