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Mostly I wear Snake Pit scents all the time.

It's October, and the leading edge of the California rainy season is sweeping over us. It's raining today, a nice steady light rain making a soothing sound on my roof. The hills are still yellow-brown from their summer scorching, but in two months or so they'll start to turn green. Winter in California is when everything comes alive.

When it rains between April and September, we all yelp and complain about getting wet, because nobody expects rain in those months. But it's right and proper to get rain now. The correct conversational gambit is something like, "Boy, we sure need it," or "It's that time of year." Later on in the season you can say something informative about reservoir water levels.

Ah, yes, here's the traditional visit to my office of a damp and slightly outraged cat. Mr Fluffy Cow apparently wants to sit on my lap and have his fur groomed. He doesn't want me wasting time typing.

I don't write much about BPAL any more, mostly because I don't buy it any more, but I do wear it just about every day. I have enough to keep me occupied for a long while. I might just buy their #occupywallstreet oil, however. Patchouli with cocoa absolute, tobacco absolute, and bourbon vanilla. Sounds like just my kind of thing.

ObBookmarking: The Pinboard dude blogs about fandom & bookmarking. Also, a brief summary of events, which I had to rely on my real-life Twitter stream to tell me about, because apparently it's the Inception fandom that's all over this issue & that has no crossover with my flist. But apparently I have real-life friends somehow connected with it all! Hmm!

I think from here out this is a non-story, because we have our solution in progress.

 Rain by Chapterhouse from Sunburst - EP (Rating: 0)
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