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Sunday grab-bag.

Fandom of a Number Greater Than One: Hey, forsytesaga1967 exists! I am not alone! See, somebody else has written a fannish manifesto for it! She introduces the aunts and uncles! It is perfect! Seriously, read that and see if the series is for you or not.

ETA: And you can watch the entire first episode on YouTube. Start with part one here.

As you know, Soames is my original woobie, flaws and all, from before I ever knew such a thing as fandom existed. I've never written fic about him, but oh I sure could, because he had many adventures in my head. Galsworthy wrote fic about him, and he was Galsworthy's own character. I maintain that all of the stories in On Forsyte 'Change are fanfic written about characters he admitted he couldn't bear to leave entirely behind.

Well, I have sort of written Soames in fanfic. He makes a cameo in "Legacies" and of course the solicitor is meant to be his great-great-grandson or something like that. There are several little shouts out to Galsworthy in that story in some of the descriptions and phrasings.

My first story might well be about the James-Soames mutual defense league, because I love that father-son relationship so. Hmm.

Classic hits department: Here's one of my favorite classic BG stories from the mailing list days. Not that I was in the fandom in the mailing list days; I'm just grateful the archives still exist. But they do, mostly, and thus we can read the goodness. You might enjoy:

Jacqui: "24" - Giles/Buffy, teen
Twenty-four exposures in a single roll of film. Twenty-four photos taken on a beach.

Relevant to your interests: hc_free_for_all is a pan-fandom hurt/comfort kink meme. First prompt post just got started. There is a Wesley/Gunn fill that some of you might be interested in.

ObBookmarking: Pinboard accounts in exchange for fannish creation. I am happy that fandom realizes this time that the services it enjoys cost money to run and that the people who make them have to be able to make a living.

 Memories (Original mix) by Ronny K. & Ziki from Memories - Single (Rating: 0)
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