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Doctor Who s06e13

Can haz sane fannish discussion about this plot resolution? What did you think? What did you enjoy? What did you not so enjoy?

Expect spoilers in the comments.
That resolution was fair, in that we were handed all the pieces of the puzzle well in advance, so we could have figured it out. Most viewers probably did, though I was thinking ganger!Doctor all along, not tesselated!Doctor.

The resolution depended upon the hero making the choice to confront the problem in front of him actively instead of passively moping, giving up, & going to meet his doom. He chooses to resolve it in a manner that deals with the core character problem that drove him to that messy place to begin with: his active, showy meddling in the affairs of entire alien races. Now he's a stealth Time Lord.

This allows River's known history its plausibility, while reconciling her jail time with her obvious lack of remorse.

Time Lord wedding accomplished.

Pond, Amelia Pond, always finds her Rory, who is always competent. Arthur Darvill is the surprise hit of Eleven's run for me. Also Amy gets a satisfying revenge on the woman who stole her baby, which we really had to see or the character was going to feel false. She cannot ever give her kid up easily.

Sure, "who are you?" is a good question, but a universe-shattering question? I need to be convinced. I'm fairly certain Moffat will do something clever rather than sweeping when he finally confronts it. If he ever does.

Side notes:
Got all choked up when the Doctor tried to call the Brigadier to talk to him. Sniffle. Everybody liked the Brig.
I adore Matt Smith with longer hair. Awesome. Shaggy Doctor. Never cut that!
The Doctor and River Song can flirt all freaking day long as far as I'm concerned. 60 minutes of just them flirting? No problem.

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The Doctor and River Song can flirt all freaking day long as far as I'm concerned. 60 minutes of just them flirting? No problem.

AMEN. Particularly if weapons are involved.

Also a big word to Arthur Darvill as the surprise hit. He sells the I-am-triumphing-over-my-plasticness-or-eyedrive-or-whatever every. single. time.
I loved it all. Everything is Doctor Who and nothing hurts.

I am SO glad they didn't mess our heads with the wedding. 11 and River are wonderful together - and thsi from someone who a couple of years ago was anti ANY kind of Doctor ship.

I am a most happy bunny this evening.
I enjoyed it. Quite a bit, and enough to want to go back and review past episodes for pointers I missed. Am pleased that I've believed River was in gaol for killing the Doctor for some seasons now. Can't for the life of me remember when I first twigged, but it simply felt right, and so it proved.

I think the Silence are excellent villains only because of the forgetting factor - when you see those marks on our heroes' skin, it's great theatre. Sinister, without requiring massive CGI. Excellent not to have a Dalek or Cyberman finale. I'm all out of excitement about them.

I loved the shorthand worldbuilding for what happens when time stops - it was really only a few sentences, plus a couple of visuals, but it showed the car crash of intermingled ages very nicely.

Amy and River in the garden with wine? Yes. There's the start of a relationship there, and just as complex as the Doctor and River's, with added age issues.

The major problem for me has been that I've never believed Eleven was the Doctor that River talked about when we first met her (My Doctor, striding across the universe? Hmmm), so it's not mere RL considerations that meant I never thought he could or would finally die at this point and in this incarnation.

I almost forgive the gratuitous WW2-ery of this incarnation. Almost. Let's Kill Hitler is still infuriating to me though - I called it a fluffer title, and I stand by that.
I also love that marks on the skin detail. It's chilling to see, every time, even more as they proliferate. Only four marks on his left arm? No problem. Then you see that his right arm is covered and OH SHIT. And then those shots of the Silence hanging from the ceiling in clusters like insects or bats or something very definitely not human: ultra-creepy.

So I like them as enemies. Much more so than Cybermen or Daleks or the other over-exposed, over-defeated villains from historical Who.

River in jail (AMERICAN SPELLING ALERT) for killing the Doctor has been the safe bet ever since we learned she was in jail for murdering somebody. I'm sort of happy Moffat made some of these explanations/resolutions the simple ones. No shocking twists all the time.
Could somesone please tell me where I can watch/download Seasons 5 and 6 Doctor Who episodes?
I liked it, but then, like you, I completely adore River and the Doctor together. They can fight or flirt, I don't care which. I loved seeing River visiting her parents. I loved that Rory didn't die. I was worried about that, but it still doesn't explain why he was speaking in past tense in the hotel episode. Still something weird there, I think.

As for the end, I'm assuming we won't know what that was about until his next regeneration since it mentioned the "fall of the 11" or something like that.

Can't wait for next season!
Yeah, I think that's a hook set in place by a writer/show producer who has to plan for the long term. The only stable point in the series is the TARDIS. The Doctor *will* change. Those plot points are sufficiently vague that whoever has to cope with the Doctor's regeneration (when it happens, as it will, eventually) can take off in any direction they like with it. No need for Moffat to pay that off any time soon.
My reaction can be summed up thusly: Moffat, you utter troll! You sat there and giggled and told us all it was the Doctor, it wasn't a clone.

1. I loved the open, though I twigged immediately that time was collapsing onto itself.

2. So much love for Rory. "We're married, that's our daughter." "Ok"

3. Amy Pond, superhero after all. I don't think she would have been where she was in this episode without the memory of old!Amy.

4. So many spectacular character moments. I particularly adored the scene between River and Amy, which was so long in coming.

5. The wedding. With the necktie. So much love for them.

6. I'm turning around and rewatching it right this moment.
Hm. Guess I need to catch up on my viewing. Only seen a couple eps since it came back. Oops.
I read in a review that this season feels like the second book in a trilogy, and I reckon that's about right. Luckily I have honed my patience on slow-writing fantasy authors and don't mind waiting until next year to resolve dangling plot threads - so long as they do!

I find it really interesting the way they've set up the Doctor and River so they have lots of chemistry, but often it doesn't seem like he genuinely likes her. Which is understandable, given the encounters he's had with her so far, but I hope they get some warmth some time during the next season.
Hmm, interesting point! I ponder it.

One of the things missing from any Doctor/River encounters in the past two seasons has been any sense of stillness. There has been no time for warmth. It's always in the middle of some frenetic chase or escape or problem-solving madness.
I liked it, but I feel a bit cheated. Not because of the tesseract!Doctor - I loved that - but of something else I can't quite put my finger on.

The simplicity of the resolutions? It assembled existing elements, didn't add new ones. And Canton Delaware didn't turn out to matter after all. I dunno. Needs a rewatch.
I totally loved the shout out to the Brig. Very nice touch.

tesselated!Doctor, I half twigged to that when the tesselated monk asked if there was anything they could do.

River/Doctor flirting and wedding! Give me more of that.

I'm with you on needing convincing about the question. But it makes me wonder about his name, we've been teased about that for a while now, the importance of his name. Or maybe it has something to do with the Time Lords. In either case, I look forward to seeing it all solved.

I think Rory and 11 are my favorite friendship. I just love Rory.
I think the question about his name has been right there since the very first serial, which makes it the oldest question, sure yeah. But why is it universe-shattering?

The Doctor is like Zaphod Beeblebrox: living in a pocket universe in which he is the single most important thing. Yes, he's the title character of his show, but really, let's allow the wider universe to have some believable perspective.

But I'm sure we'll find out.

Also <3 Rory!
If River married the tesseract!Doctor is she married to the real Doctor? /shitstirring
See our Twitter convo :D

The Confidential made the same point you did. Was it Moffat himself who made that point? Can't remember now.

I think if you came to argue it in a court of law, you'd point out that the robot!Doctor was being controlled by the real one, and he supplied the details of the ceremony. It was all his idea. Intention was clear. Or something. It gives the scriptwriters a big out if they decide they want one later.
Merlin lost me with idiotic writing partway through season 1. I literally have not watched the s1 closer nor anything since.

Who writing is painfully uneven but it does have its flashes of brilliance. I'll slog through a lot of horrible pirate episodes for the sake of a few more scripts like "Curse of Fenric" and "Blink".
Loved tesselated!Doctor, timesmooshed!London (with bonus Silurian - if only it had been Mme Vashtra and Jenny as SuperJowls' bodyguards) especially Charles Dickens on a talk show, THE WEDDING (handfasting with the bow tie OMG).

I did think that the whisper was way too short to be his name!

I loved, loved, LOVED Amy and River drinking wine in the garden. Alex Kingston rocks my socks.