Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Watching Who Confidential, a little late.

Domesticity: The most exciting thing that happened this week was that I got my washing machine fixed. No, really, this was better than posting fic. It broke two weekends ago. A little old Russian dude in a tidy uniform came out and diagnosed it last week. I saw the lovely burn mark on the control board where a diode had popped. It was a nice control board, too, large and old-fashioned. Lots of space, because it probably runs at high power. This week the parts came in and today the Russian guy with his toolbox came back and got it all fixed.

Now I am running load after load of laundry. Must keep Mr Pedia in clean polo shirts and me in clean gym clothes.

It's a front-loading Maytag thingie. It ran for 10 years before breaking, which make me raise an eyebrow because I might have expected 20. Oh well. If it takes another decade to break again I'm okay with that.

Fandom: I now have four pinboard accounts:

• real-name one, used for the usual purposes, purchased way back when it was very cheap
• the back end for giles_watchers, purchased when Yahoo first promised to kill Delicious
• one for the whedon kink meme, purchased immediately after seeing what AVOS did to Delicious
• one for antennapedia, to replace the Delicious index for my own fic.

That last one is gratuitous. I procrastinated from writing today by writing a fast script to generate a Netscape-format bookmarks file with all my fic, using all my own tags plus some other data, to fill out the entries nicely.

If I am typical, it's no wonder Maciej is investing in new hardware.

By the way, if you want to know what he was famous for before writing Pinboard, it's the essay Dabblers and Blowhards, which pokes at notorious self-important blowhard Paul Graham. Just this essay should be enough to make you like him.

Strength: This week at the gym I did my first full clean & jerk, which is another one of those classic Olympic weightlifting moves with a baffling name. I could explain it, but it would be tedious. I am stoked to have done this obscure weirdly named lift, even if I only managed to put 75 pounds over my head.

And I note that I have posted every day for a week now, a feat I have not managed since 2009.
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