The new Delicious. Oh dear.

Woo. The new Delicious is live and I'm thinking it's a functional failure. Going by @delicious mentions on twitter this morning, I'm not alone in thinking this.

RSS feeds are gone. I'm not sure what's wrong with the API, but portions of it appear to be broken.

It certainly breaks the bundle feature I was using to organize tags for the kink meme account. It has replaced bundles with tags named 'has:bundlename", which completely misunderstands the semantics of bundles. Every link now has "has:kink" has a tag, because every link had a "kink:foo" tag, and every "kink:foo" tag was in the "kink" bundle. Bundles were a way to group tags, that is, they were a trait of tags, not of links. That meaning has been entirely lost.

Now. Try browsing around on the kink meme account. Click on the "!prompt" and "!fill" tags. Notice that they don't work. Delicious fails to find any saved links with those tags, even though the tags are present in lists and you can see many, many links tagged that way. Why is this? It's because they're no longer escaping special characters in urls. See section 2.2 of RFC 3986 for the list. They are not escaping the bang. Also not escaping the colon, it seems, though that works. Inconsistent handling, I'm going to guess.

Holy crap they broke all tags with / in them even worse. Children, children, this is why we read RFCs and do things like use standard URI handling libraries, because the problems are boring and already solved.

This is merely a bug, albeit a staggering one. They'll fix it eventually. However, this particular bug reveals a certain base-level incompetence that disturbs me. Shoddy work. Insufficient testing. I think Pinboard is about to get some more of my business.

ETA: Bookmark import chugging on a shiny new Pinboard account.
yeah, i've been mirroring all my delicious links to pinboard for a while and i guess it's time to cut delicious out off the equation all together. delicious is a HOT MESS right now.
I am WTFing like mad. The pinboard guy (it is one guy) has been hilarious on Twitter, though. And he has already fixed a bug I reported to him this morning, which is pure win.
i know, i can't believe it's one dude and he is awesome, i love his twitter. he works in SF... maybe he'll give me a job, shoot.
Same here; I've had pinboard bookmark from delicious automatically and manually backing up to diigo occasionally. It's time to make the full switch.

I just wish:
*pinboard had tag bundles (and I'll have to start adding more people to my network)
*diigo wouldn't limit notes fields or limit to 5,000 tags (yup, I have more than 5,000 tags)
I think I also read something about diigo automatically making bookmarks with four-letter words in them private? That was a little surprising to me.

Tag bundling is the feature I'm missing most over on Pinboard, yeah. He knows people want it, though.
In another post, someone said of diigo: "All my links tagged "spanking" were made private without my knowledge. Made them public again, they were private within a few hours"


I haven't noticed any of my bookmarks force-changed to private, but then again I haven't been looking...diigo can tell me *how many* fics are marked as private, but right now neither delicious nor pinboard can. *facepalm*

It is interesting that "spanking" gets switched to private, but all my bookmarks tagged as "rating:nc-17" (and with NC-17 in the bookmark title) weren't made private.