Core 4

FIC LINK: some backlog, various pairings

I just noticed that I wrote a few kink meme responses for earlier iterations of the meme that I didn't claim. Also a couple that I apparently wrote, finished, and then did not post. Go figure. I think I didn't claim them out of faint embarrassment about how many of the responses I'd written. (To my knowledge, the vast majority of the responses on all 3 kink meme posts were by three people, with some scattered fills by people I have no clue about. Especially that first one, which got the most attention from the wider fandom.)

So here! Have some links to the archive versions. All are between one and two thousand words long. Nothing prolix.

Fussed Over - gen, Core Four, all ages
Giles has broken his wrist and is in for some high-powered fussing over.
New fic! Utterly schmoopy h/c id-fic. I should have posted this but never did. I think. I lose track.

My Bedroom Technique is Unstoppable - Buffy/Xander, adult
Some of the things Xander likes best about his girlfriend Buffy.
More het anal, because there isn't enough in fandom.

Contrition - Giles/Buffy, adult
Giles has erred and requests punishment.
An odd little piece, the only kinky one in this list. I am almost more interested in how the two of them got to this emotional place than I am in what happens here.

Almost a New Friend - Giles/Ethan, adult
A depressed Giles accepts Ethan's offer of a drink. He remembers what happened last time and doesn't care if it happens again or not.
Post-Gift hurt/comfort sex.

Last Night on Earth - Giles/Xander, adult
Xander can't sleep the night before the big battle against the First. He needs somebody for a last night on earth snuggle.
Because season 7 Giles needed a lot more hugging than he got.

My software reports my tally as currently 117 Buffyverse stories, totalling 557,686 words. Not a bad contribution to the fandom.

 My Garden by Soundlift from My Garden - EP (Rating: 0)
funny you posted this, because I was just wanting to thank you for keeping all the kinkmeme prompts organized on delicious. Since I am writing again, I went there looking for inspiration...
You are quite welcome! Delicious turned out to be a pretty handy way to organize a kink meme. Though categorizing things by kink still gives me fits.
Write it a thousand times, I don't care. Have somebody fuss over Giles while he is a little bit grumpy and then unbends. Gen, shippy, plotty, schmoopy, whatevery.
That many responses is something to be proud of, not ashamed. I posted seven for the original meme, and I'm damned proud.

You did many good prompts. That Giles/Xander is so lovely.

The one I enjoyed writing the most was the first-person Xander one, because I got to have fun with the voice. Not a popular choice, though. Fandom is pretty allergic to first person POV for reasons I don't get.
I think it's just that a higher percentage of badfic is written in 1st. And it's harder, at least with canon characters.

But I like first. And that was also a great piece. The world needs more Buffy/Xander.