Context is everything.

It's hot around these parts this week, which is not all that hot in comparison with the rest of the country but hot for us & what we're used to. I dealt with the heat today by going ice skating with nemaihne, which is something that happens inside a large refrigerated warehouse with ice underneath. ICE. I had to put on a sweater. And then take it off again when I got sweaty, but it's the idea of it!

I haven't skated much since I was a kid but it seems to be coming back fairly quickly as I get some practice in. It helps that the weightlifting has turned my legs into springy muscley things, which turns out to be what you need to skate with. Yay back squats!

I saw a preview for that Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy adaptation that's out in the UK but not here yet. Nudged by that, I reread the John Le Carre book and then rewatched the 1979 adaptation with Alec Guinness as Smiley. I have this to say about that: The book was better than I remembered, and I remembered it as being good. Le Carre is so indirect about so much. He gives you all the pieces but you have to do the work of putting them together. A story of betrayal at all levels. The cost of leading a life of constant deception. It's an easy recommendation to make, of course, since the book is famous, but do give it a shot if you haven't read it before. It is the perfect antidote to James Bond-ism.

And the Guinness adaptation… faithful, dreary, grim, methodical, and utterly fascinating. I started watching it on my own and Mr Pedia grumbled, hovered, and then sat down mesmerized. We were up until 1am watching it in one gulp. It takes some courage to follow up an adaptation as good as that. It would also take some courage to essay the role of Smiley after Guinness's performance. I hear the new movie is good, however, so that's a happy thing. Well, a grim dreary Cold War thing, probably, but in this context that's good.

What's interesting in your world?

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I've never skated in my life. I roller skated once...and ended up with a concussion. *LOL*

I love watching people skate though!

I'm glad you had a such a wonderful time :D
It was *awesome* on a hot day, let me tell you. It's cool to just glide along-- huge fun. And boo hiss to getting a concussion the one time you tried roller skating. OUCH!
Am a complete fan of JLC and the 70s adaptation. Seen the new version - it's good but in my opinion not a classic because the main themes aren't covered. I've rewatched TT this week, too, and am now half way through Smiley's People in which Guiness, if anything, is even more awesome.
Smiley's People is up next for me too! I was struck by Oldman's glasses in the trailer I saw; homage to Guinness's Smiley? Must be.

Without spoiling anything, I will say I was troubled to read about one major change made in the movie, regarding Jim Prideaux, which seemed like the movie might be missing one of the major emotional notes of the original. Was surprised by that change, since it seemed a core issue, not a side note like anything Guillam might get up to or not.