FIC LINK: Three kink meme fills

I will fess up to the following three kink meme fills on what has been a very very quiet meme this time around. Unusually for me, all three involve Giles. Usually I take the opportunity of an anonymeme to write other characters, but not this time. I have another one in progress that I'll finish next time I have a free afternoon.

"Levi's 501 Original Shrink-to-Fit Button-Fly Jeans", to the prompt Buffy/Giles, button-fly jeans, oral. What it says on the tin.

"Certainty", to the prompt Giles/Xander, exploring a new kink - extra love for piercing. Piercing, D/s, not at all hardcore despite the labels on the kinks. More of a character/relationship thing. No, really.

"The Apocalypse Stone", to the prompt Buffy/Giles Ritualistic Sex Virgin Deflowering to save the world. About 6000 words and right on the nose of the prompt.

I will repost these to my fic archive site later today if you prefer a more comfortable reading environment than LJ comments. I did as little editing as was compatible with proper grammar and spelling, on the theory that writing these was about id-ish blurt and breaking editorial blocks, not causing blocks.

 Rain Geometries (live version) by H.U.V.A. Network from Live at Glastonbury Festival 2005 (Rating: 0)
I totally missed that you linked the jeans one as well! I thought nobody read that one, even though the image of Giles sitting in a bathtub with soaked jeans on makes me giggle a lot.
Ooh sorry. Completely forgot to comment on that over at the meme. Here are the nice things people said about it on my page.
Oh! I didn't realize the Levi's one was yours. I was having a brain fart moment trying to figure out how to reply anonymously and never did that day. Sorry about that. Love that one.

And I knew The Apocalypse Stone had to be you! Awesome. :)

I think I am over thinking this meme thing. I've been working on a prompt for a couple weeks now. Sigh.
I loved all those stories! I was so excited when The Apocalypse Stone was posted since I was the original promoter. Thank you so much for writing that fantastic story!
You're most welcome and thank you for the prompt! It's a classic trope that fits our Watcher & Slayer very well.
These were all delightful, each in its own way. Things that stood out: Having had only one pair of jeans in my life, I'd never heard of how to make them shrink to fit. ::giggles:: Well, now I know. And it's cute to see how a style of clothing could bring two people with such a large age gap closer together. ::ponders:: Mind you, it could also be the sex, lol.

The second one was quite tender (no, not a play on words, despite the eek-some needles). The best bit there was Xander telling Giles he's getting a PA, too. [Sorry for the short comment, but PAs sorta, kinda squick me out. Because ... jolly bits.]

And the Apocalypse-averting one had so many potential consequences just waiting to damage relationships, post ritual. I loved Buffy's wearily cynical observation that Hallmark just didn't make a card for this occasion. And, even though you've deflowered Buffy in this 'verse, I could see Angel torturing Giles (when he does) as revenge because Giles had Buffy first. It would be interesting to continue the story, based on this altered premise.
The apocalypse one has a lot of potential for directions it can go afterward. The pregnancy possibility. Or the Angel-Buffy arc might go as you speculate: Angelus would have a very specific beef with Giles after this. But Buffy's emotional history is now different. Her first experience of sex is not heartbreaking here.

So many possibilities.