Quiet and slightly creepy.

Today's listening was in my soundtrack for writing "The Wight", because it is slightly uneasy yet quiet.

The other day I ended up rereading "Paradox" by Kerry Blackwell, which is one of my favorite BG stories even though yes, you may name its flaws if you wish. I do not care. It makes me sob like a baby every time even though it is a completely fluffy sappy story. What are your favorites in this category?

I've also been reading 0_ruthless_0"s Endings, which is an in-progress AU that kicked off in this Summer of GIles fic. Giles/Ethan plus Buffy, plotty. Feed the writer some more comments! We all live on comments, coffee and/or tea, and those little cookies.

I'm going through a little bit of a coffee phase at the moment, complicated by the fact that I'm still drinking decaf. (I had developed a huge caffeine tolerance thanks to no-sugar Red Bulls. I went cold turkey. It was awful.) This does limit my bean/roasting experimentation kinda drastically. Eventually I'll give in again. Thus the life cycle repeats. At least getting re-addicted to caffeine is really fun. You're so zoomy when you have no tolerance built up!

I see that brutti_ma_buoni has been fessing up to her kink meme fills. I am tempted to fess up to mine now too.

 Incipience Electric by Chad Hoefler from Quiet Glow (Rating: 0)
I kicked a sugar-free Red Bull habit a few months ago myself. Europe helped me-- I had my last Red Bull fix while out at a club in London, and kicked the habit a week later thanks to a patisserie near my rental apartment in Paris that had fabulous espresso.

Now I'm back to being a one coffee in the AM gal... and not in the least bit tempted to go back. Especially now that I can be bouncing off the walls again after one extra afternoon caffeine fix!
I cry at the end of Paradox, too, but I don't often read that one. The saddest story I love is that one you wrote about the four times Buffy and Giles got together before LA. Those last few lines when Giles is thinking about how much he loves Buffy and how he would rather sacrifice Dawn than lose her - I weep every time. His desperation is captured perfectly.

Unless you meant sappy fluffy stories. Hrm. I'm not sure if any of those make me cry. I'll have to think about that. Good excuse to go back and read a pile, though. :)

You should do that. Though I'm still pointing people to the meme in hopes some of the other prompts may get used. I think I'm out of kink for now, but as last time it jolted me out of a rut of characters and thoughts. Much appreciated.