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Because the cat woke me up wanting to have her head scratched and now I can't get back to sleep.

I liked most of "The Girl Who Waited", though I feel that the script needed tightening, particularly in the last section. There was some repetition and needless underlining of the issues that I felt detracted from the most interesting choices the characters were asked to make. The script felt unbalanced somehow. The subject was satisfyingly science fictionally chewy, however, which wins many points with me. (Has of course been done before many times.)

Also: Amy has agency and makes the important decision for herself. Rory defers to her about it (unlike some people I could name). Note that she does in fact save herself. This is good. Note also major potential for badassery if allowed to develop in her.

Note also some fairly direct commentary on the overall plot arc of this season, though how it's going to resolve I can't yet guess. The self-sacrifice of the ganger!Doctor has been too obvious a resolution for too long.

Anti-social bookmarking: The new owners of Delicious talk about their plans. Those plans sound dreadful to me, but it's hard to know what it is they're doing exactly. The slightly scary thing is that they want to mainstream a service they don't believe has many users, a service they didn't use themselves. Fandom uses it like mad, of course, because it adds organization and searchability to black hole sites like LJ. Will that continue to be easy to do? Maybe.

Also, I started rewatching Buffy right from season one. As with all of my rewatches, I'll stop at the end of s5. Maybe I'll watch the first few of season 6, but it'll only annoy me and make me write more fixit fic. Damn but I like season one. They're all so young and unbroken! The show is so charming!

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