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Because the cat woke me up wanting to have her head scratched and now I can't get back to sleep.

I liked most of "The Girl Who Waited", though I feel that the script needed tightening, particularly in the last section. There was some repetition and needless underlining of the issues that I felt detracted from the most interesting choices the characters were asked to make. The script felt unbalanced somehow. The subject was satisfyingly science fictionally chewy, however, which wins many points with me. (Has of course been done before many times.)

Also: Amy has agency and makes the important decision for herself. Rory defers to her about it (unlike some people I could name). Note that she does in fact save herself. This is good. Note also major potential for badassery if allowed to develop in her.

Note also some fairly direct commentary on the overall plot arc of this season, though how it's going to resolve I can't yet guess. The self-sacrifice of the ganger!Doctor has been too obvious a resolution for too long.

Anti-social bookmarking: The new owners of Delicious talk about their plans. Those plans sound dreadful to me, but it's hard to know what it is they're doing exactly. The slightly scary thing is that they want to mainstream a service they don't believe has many users, a service they didn't use themselves. Fandom uses it like mad, of course, because it adds organization and searchability to black hole sites like LJ. Will that continue to be easy to do? Maybe.

Also, I started rewatching Buffy right from season one. As with all of my rewatches, I'll stop at the end of s5. Maybe I'll watch the first few of season 6, but it'll only annoy me and make me write more fixit fic. Damn but I like season one. They're all so young and unbroken! The show is so charming!

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Re: Delicious
The article is an interview with the two guys who bought Delicious after reading all that stuff about Yahoo killing it. They made a ton of money from Youtube's sale and wanted to rescue the site. However they turn out not to have been users of it, and to have some odd goals for it.

I migrated Giles Watchers and my personal bookmarks to Pinboard when I read the Yahoo stupidity. It's a good service. Nice and simple. It might host many more people if these Delicious plans go through.
The hubby and I started a rewatch a few months ago, blazing through seasons 1-3 because they really were so good. We got into season 4 and stalled a bit. While there are some of the best stand alone episodes in season 4, the overall story arc is so... blah. When we started the rewatch, we gave each other one horsetail - one episode each we could just dump - unanimously we both chose the frat house boffing episode. We have three more episodes to go and will finish the season this weekend. Man, there is so much to fix in season 4 as well, of course nothing like 6, but the estrangement of the Scoobies is so painful. I do adore season 5... of course "The Gift" needs to be fixed, but that's almost too easy.
Yeah, that's my assessment of season 4 as well: some fantastic individual episodes + an overall arc that went splat. And I'm in the end uninterested in "Restless". (This makes me a bad Whedon fan, I guess.) They lost the actress playing Walsh to some other project and had to improvise, I guess. Frankenstein would have been a more interesting antagonist than his monster.

Season 5 has the group together as a functional happy unit facing a giant external foe. Dawn poses a lot of problems for me, in that they never even attempt to answer the interesting questions about her, but I end up liking Dawn so I can overlook it. Plus the Buffy-Giles relationship is lovely.
I like "Restless" for several reasons, but mostly for the fodder it supplies for fic (not that I've written anything immediately following "Restless" - maybe one day).

I didn't know that about the actress playing Walsh. That is too bad, because it would have been a lot more interesting. It might have even made Riley somewhat interesting having to choose, especially if he chose Walsh. Hmm... more AU fodder. Other than the whedon_kinkmeme is there a plot bunny hutch on LJ somewhere? That might be one to drop off somewhere and see who might pick it up.

I actually end up liking Dawn too, but not in Season 5. Oh Buffy and Giles were so so close in Season 5. Missed by that much, Joss! Grrr...
LOL I was pretty much sobbing at the end of "The Girl Who Waited" - I get emotional during shows I love.

I did get a tad pissy with some of those on tumblr who levelled a whole lot of hate at 11 for his "decision" and spent a happy couple of hours (after reviewing the ep for my Doctor Who blog) ripping their arguments to shreds..lol
11 did a tough thing. He knows how these paradoxes work, one assumes, and knows what will happen. The angsty part was having the person created in the loop of time that would vanish having an *opinion* about it and not wanting to vanish. Yow.
Yes!! And so many other shows would have chickened out in some way and NOT confronted that fact.

One of the reasons I love the show so much is that it rarely takes the easy way out (I say rarely having wanted to kick through the tv screen at times when RTD was in charge...lol)
I've watched S6 once.

And I wish I didn't watch it then. :(

The Girl Who Waited...made me love Rory even more. I do admit to getting a tad bit angry with the Doctor lying to them, but I understand why. I just hated that it put Rory in a position to make a horrible decision.

Season 6 is just dreadful. And angering. It made me hate everybody around Buffy for making her take care of them and work to provide them with food & shelter when she was suicidally depressed after they effing ripped her from heaven. My love for Willow never recovered from that deed. That's not "growing up", that's being abused by the people around you.

Yes, I have feelings about s6. WHY DO YOU ASK? Argh.
So, I haunt your LJ weekly because your fic is awesome and your life commentary frequently keeps me from killing some of the morons I deal with at work (I am firmly convinced that everyone who wants to buy a house should be required to take and PASS a financial management course before starting their search).

You mentioned how charming Buffy was in the beginning (so true!), so I was wondering if you've given USA's newest show 'Suits' a try. If not, I recommend it. It has a bromance that may actually rival Peter/Neal on 'White Collar.'

Anyway, I just wanted to share the love (and, also, I'm feeling anti-social because I haven't commented on anything in a while and this entry just tripped the trigger, so to speak.
Hi and *wave* and thank you! I am happy to be entertaining.

I have not seen Suits! I have been watching very little new TV. Just Eureka & Warehouse 13, which for some reason have caught Mr Pedia's interest. They're fun, but not fic-inspiring fun for me.

You must try on a Suit!

Take perfect chemistry between the 2 male leads (which can go either way -- bromance or smut), add witty banter that is both witty and bantering, add kick-ass female characters (Gina Torres from 'Firefly' as the head of the best law firm in NYC), and shake well. It is gorgeous. I still love White Collar more, but not by much.
"Damn but I like season one. They're all so young and unbroken! The show is so charming!"

And Giles is so delightfully British.
And naive and excited and so terribly interested in the fascinating things the Hellmouth is going to throw at them. Nothing bad has happened to him there yet, just as Buffy hasn't yet been ground down. Oh sigh.