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BPAL and Buffy

Since my BPAL order still hasn't arrived, I must torture entertain myself by reading all of the scent descriptions I haven't yet read, and making a list of scents I want to try (but probably won't, given the length of the list).

So I was convinced that Dee is the scent of Giles. And thus I ordered some (2nd order; will probably be ages). However, people in this BPAL forum topic about Buffy scents are in violent agreement that Severin is the scent of Giles. They also suggested Saint-Germain. I also thought Casanova might be Gilesy. There's another they suggested, Miskatonic University, but that was a limited edition.

Dee is "soft English leather, rosewood and tonka with a hint of incense, parchment and soft woods."
Severin is "dry black teas, Earl Gray, and leather."
Saint-Germain is "an elegant, timeless, truly refined cologne, bold yet classic: gilded amber, hypnotic lavender, brash carnation and deep mosses."
Casanova is "a rakish blend of leather, anise, lavender, bergamot and amber with tonka, lemon peel and lusty patchouli." And its description further asks, "Who says librarians can’t be sexy?"

Oh, sigh. More things to try.

There's a similar Harry Potter character scents topic that also suggests Severin for Snape! And Les Infortunes de la vertu.
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