Three feet high and rising

The poll from the other day shows you all undecided between a random kinkmeme prompt and the next installment of Legacies as my fidget story. Humph. I'll have to make up my own mind. No, wait! A late vote has tipped the balance to engagement ring mayhem.


"So deep in the closet he can see Narnia": Metafilter has a great collection of links on the latest holy shit Orson Scott Card has really gone off the deep end with homophobia thing. This is actually round two of eye-rolling about his Hamlet rewrite, but this time the exposure is larger so there's more fun commentary from a larger peanut gallery. If you read one thing about Card this time around, read this essay on how "Ender's Game" constructs an innocent perpetrator of genocide. It defuses the power of the story quite well by exposing how manipulative its incidents are.

Two things. First, this is not recent news about Card. If you've ever read his unedited, as-originally-published first novel, "A Planet Called Treason", it's all right there already. Woo. Dude is totally corkscrewed up. Yeah, it's easy to come to a diagnosis of this guy because he's been writing so much fiction and so many essays laying his id bare to the world. Second, can we now turn this into a movement to stop giving him money?

Unpaid promotional announcement: I've been using Delibar to manage bookmarks. It handles Delicious and Pinboard at once, and does a nice job with multiple accounts. I can use a command-key shortcut in any browser to save or edit a bookmark, and it'll let me send it to whichever account I want. The delicious Chrome extension was driving me bonkers because it's not sticky enough: any click outside its window (say, to copy text from somewhere else) hides the window. Recommended for anybody wrangling bookmarks for more than one collection.

 The magic number by De La Soul from 3 feet high and rising (Rating: 0)
Like I said to someone else who posted about this, every time I hear anything about OSC, I become more and more glad that I never got around reading Ender's Game even though people kept praising it and can just hate him without any kind of conflicting feelings...
I don't think I'm capable of not loving Ender's Game, despite its flaws. Barring the genocide part, I identified way too much with Ender.

Which only makes me that much sadder that OSC is so insane...