Ficpoll of Insensitivity (Sea of Tranquility Mix)

I've been on a cheesy uplifting trance kick recently. But instead of that you should listen to some post rock. Specifically, The Candlepark Stars, All the Little Things. It is completely gorgeous. The link is to Bandcamp, so you can listen to the whole thing before you buy, and then buy in any format.

It is re-outlining time for my Other Project (registered trademark symbol, void where prohibited, do not eat). Also, I am at sea for a fidget project. You know what that means.

Poll #1776489 Ficpoll Mark XXVIII (Sea of Tranquility Mix)

Which story should I fidget on when stuck on my main project?

Some random kinkmeme prompt.
Giles/Xander morally reprehensible schoolboy kink.
Buffy/Oz/Xander exam week kink.
The completely unkinky Giles gives Buffy a ring, memorably, entry in the Legacies series, the one with Uncle Charles.
Hey, why not a flashback to Uncle Charles? No, wait, you don't need more unfinished stories.

Guess which project I am already planning for next year's Summer of Giles.

Iceland, because it haunts you despite the plotting problems.
Iceland, even though you swore never again to write anything set in a place you've never been.
Iceland, despite the daunting research involved.
Giles/Ethan/Buffy in Hell.
Time travel, 17-year-old Giles + Buffy, Highgate Cemetery at its scariest, signet ring. Though it also has a plotting problem to solve first.
Something completely different and unstarted.

Did you notice that I actually finished the story you voted for in the last poll?

It must have been a fluke.
No, really, it was a fluke. This question doesn't need another choice.
I haven't read the story yet, you insensitive clod.

Do you leave comments on fic you read?

Well hardly ever.
Depends on where the fic is.
I wil leave a comment to explain in detail my feelings on comments.
A fic author bit my sister once so the entire topic of comments on fic is traumatic to me, you insensitive clod.

This is where the purely funny poll question goes, right?

Those questions were never funny, you insensitive clod.

 Take My Hand by The Candlepark Stars from All the Little Things (Rating: 0)
Did you realize your dispatches are significantly more amusing and insightful than some writer's entire fic canon? Carry on.
I comment if I have something to say, if it is a fic platform that allows easy commenting, and if it's not a fic that a member of the congregation would throw a fit about me reading (kink, slash, etc).

I love AO3 for many reasons, and one of them is that when I like a fic but can't think of anything to say besides "I liked this fic" I can click a button to let the author know I liked it and don't have to sit there wracking my brains for something, anything, to say that doesn't make me sound like an idiot.
I get almost zero comments on AO3, far fewer than from FF.net. In neither place is there conversation about the fic, which is what I like about LJ. It is easy and fun to zing kudos/like/+1/favorite around, however. Way less stressful. But archives are not about conversation. They're about long-term storage. I don't expect comments there.

The other secret is that just about any comment makes a typical fic writer happy. (I have seen some cranky ones who leap on excuses to attack commenters, but they're not the rule.)
I would sacrifice a reasonably sized animal for 'Iceland', if that's the continuation of 'Dormant' which is one of my favourites by you.
The story with the working title "Iceland" is indeed the continuation of "Dormant". I like that story too.
Just here proving that I do leave comments :-)

Really, though, Iceland sounds wonderful. I can gladly help _eachman_ with the animal sacrifice if necessary. I was there for about two hours one time on a refueling stop on the way to Luxemburg about 30 years ago. I can still feel it in my soul - what a hauntingly beautiful place, and I didn't even get off the airport grounds!

So that I'm ready when Iceland comes out . . . can you tell me where to find "Dormant", pretty please? I never pass up an op to read your fic 8-) .

Hilarious poll, thanks for the giggle!