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So much superheated gas so close to home.

I had a bunch of nonsense typed, but it was all morning pages words so I nuked 'em. Mostly I'm having a crisis of confidence about my prose style today. Is it too plain? Would it kill me to be more ornamental? Is this lifelong obsession with simple declarative sentences going too far? You know the drill. I'll get over it soon enough.

I cannot confirm or deny but I may or may not have filled on the kink meme. There are no prizes for guessing, though of course you may if it amuses you. There are only prizes for really hooky prompts. I am now in search of the next prompt to blurt at. If I'm going to be molasses about it, I need to pick my targets carefully. The other thing that gets a prize is a fill, in the form of at least one comment from me, which um, isn't much of a prize but it's all we ever get for this fanfic game, so! I cannot guarantee anything from anybody else, since there is major quiet over there.

I have been re-reading thisiszircon's "Clean Slate", because I was in need of some BG season 6 fixit, with a lot of talking and an emotional moment or two. I also wanted some kinky GX but nobody has written exactly the sort of thing I was in the mood for. At least, not that I've run across. I write this stuff because nobody else is writing what I want to read, or enough of what I want to read.

What do you keep wishing somebody would write in larger quantities than you see right now?
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