dangerous 2

So much superheated gas so close to home.

I had a bunch of nonsense typed, but it was all morning pages words so I nuked 'em. Mostly I'm having a crisis of confidence about my prose style today. Is it too plain? Would it kill me to be more ornamental? Is this lifelong obsession with simple declarative sentences going too far? You know the drill. I'll get over it soon enough.

I cannot confirm or deny but I may or may not have filled on the kink meme. There are no prizes for guessing, though of course you may if it amuses you. There are only prizes for really hooky prompts. I am now in search of the next prompt to blurt at. If I'm going to be molasses about it, I need to pick my targets carefully. The other thing that gets a prize is a fill, in the form of at least one comment from me, which um, isn't much of a prize but it's all we ever get for this fanfic game, so! I cannot guarantee anything from anybody else, since there is major quiet over there.

I have been re-reading thisiszircon's "Clean Slate", because I was in need of some BG season 6 fixit, with a lot of talking and an emotional moment or two. I also wanted some kinky GX but nobody has written exactly the sort of thing I was in the mood for. At least, not that I've run across. I write this stuff because nobody else is writing what I want to read, or enough of what I want to read.

What do you keep wishing somebody would write in larger quantities than you see right now?
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Things that I wish people would write in larger quantities than I see now: well, nothing Buffyverse. I like it and read it when it's written, but don't really crave it any more.

Star Wars fic. Not EU, or at least, not EU passed Zahn's duology. Not KOTOR or anything, just the characters we know and love from the movies.

Batman Beyond fic. Yes, it was a cartoon that only ran for three seasons a decade ago, but it was a lot of fun and I love Terry and Dana and Max and Commissioner (Barbara) Gordon and everyone, and it never really got much fic. These days, you're lucky if you get one story at Yuletide. (Though I did recently find a very good music video.)

Wonder Woman fic. Any at all. Really. She's Wonder Woman, she's awesome, why is it that nobody writes fic for her?

Terminator: SCC. I'm finishing up with a rewatching community and remembering how much I adore the show.

Stories about Vulcans. They are my absolute favorite species in the whole Trekiverse.

Stories in which religion (any religion, but particularly Christianity) is taken seriously, as something which deeply affects people, and isn't a) proof of idiocy/brainwashing or b) evil. For Christianity, fic which realizes that the right-wing nutjobs are in fact the lunatic fringe, and not the core of the religion. (Neither are the televangelists.)

Actually, mostly what I want is for a few of my favorite authors (you being one of them) to just Write Moar Plz. Because I know it will be well-written fic with a high probability of story stuff that I like.

That's what I wish was written in larger quantities.
I will some day give you a Buffyverse story that takes Christianity and religion in general seriously. In a universe with empirical evidence that souls exist, that hell exists, that an afterlife exists, and that religious symbols have power... dude, religion has to be taken seriously. It is an obvious implication of the canonical worldbuilding. I have many words written, but they are not yet acceptably story-shaped. Some day.
I wait with bated breath. You are one of the few authors I trust to do a god job with such a subject.

In a universe with empirical evidence that souls exist, that hell exists, that an afterlife exists, and that religious symbols have power... dude, religion has to be taken seriously.

One would think. And yet, from the show itself and 99.9% of the fic, religion is absent on anything but the barest level.
No prizes for guessing? That's disappointing. :P

I like simple sentences. Flowery is okay now and again, but mostly it's just a distraction.

I wanna see more Buffy/Giles. All the time, every time. They're so lovely together.
I shall find little statuettes to give out. Or something.

I also want more Buffy/Giles that I can believe in. Or at least that I haven't read 5 million times before already.
If you want kinky G/X you're going to have to give me more clues. I prefer not to do anything with a deadline because Real Life has a tendency to go sucky on me without warning, and also because writing is supposed to be fun, not a chore on a par with cleaning the oven, and also because my muse is a bitch of the first order and has a tendency to say 'G/X Big Romance With Flowers? Aaaaand I give you.... Original Characters With Major Angst!' Also some kinks I just don't understand well enough to write them convincingly but tell me what you want and I'll see if anything makes Giles sit up and take notice.

Museum!Porn is more or less always available, largely because Xander seems to like it.
If you are ever in the mood for toppy!Xander or perhaps a little bondage between the two of them (either way), that would be teh awesome. Though you must realize I enjoy everything you write and will cheerfully read every scrap of it, so there's no need for you to do anything but keep doing what you do.

But... but... was it not enough bondage for you that Giles put a collar on Xander and tied him to a table leg in Alpha?

You want more?

*Sniggers and runs away*