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It was definitely timey-wimey.

Editing: The other night I re-read my latest story for the first time in a month, and of course I had to correct a zillion tiny typos. And I fixed up some infelicities with phrasing here and there. It wasn't as bad as I'd been fearing. There's some repetition of theme and content I'd have liked time to edit out, but that's my own fault for finishing it so late. As usual, it's agony to update anything but my archive site, so that's where the cleaned-up version lives.

I dunno. Should I write a post-mortem for it? Or just carry on with other projects? I was chewing on that project for such a long time. Feels weird to walk away from it so abruptly after posting.

Kink meme fill writing is good for me. It forces me to blurt instead of editing. It's been a good warmup for other writing as well: get the id-fic out of the brain, then move on to more controlled less iddy writing. I'm still incredibly slow about the prompt filling, though. The last prompt I tried to fill took me a year and a half; see previous story.

The madman in a box: The latest Who: I'm not sure it made any sense, and I suspect it did silly things with its continuity, but I enjoyed it start to finish. So many quotable moments! What I continue to love most about Moffat's writing is that he is always aware that the TARDIS is a time machine. As Amy said once, this is where it gets complicated, kiddo.

Well hey how about that: I somehow missed this, but "The Wight" got nominated in this year's White Knight Awards, which are all about the Xander. Which is fitting, because that story is all about the Xander. I am tickled pink! (Uh, what does that idiom mean, exactly? I think I'm disturbed by it.) You should head over there, read the list of nominees and then go vote for drsquidlove for best overall author cuz, well, yeah, great writer who came through with a G/X epic this year. Or better yet, vote for the stories you loved best. Pat the writers on the head. It makes them feel good and that helps with the fic production.

People: Had brunch with truwest and Mr P this morning. Crêpes while sitting outside on a beautiful Bay Area morning! Excellence all around.
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