Buffy looking up

I hope you are all battened down for the weekend storm.

I've been reading about storm surges and flood risks and thinking that this hurricane has some nasty potential. It's kind of awesome that our weather modeling is good enough to get us all warned days in advance, however.

Bannerage! wickedfox has made a lovely banner for "Arms & the Man"! Check out its awesomeness. Buffy dressed for trench warfare, Giles in armor kneeling at her feet, George slaying a dragon!

Speaking of armor. Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor is a single-topic tumblog I find refreshing.

More on the same topic, at least to my thinking: Here's Juliet E. McKenna on why the representation of women in fantasy fiction matters. This is something on my mind as I get deeper and deeper into my original fiction project. (Which is going well at last but I will otherwise say nothing much more about it here.) I loathe humorless thudding moral message-ism. But! Your ethics and your worldview come through in every bit of fiction you write, because that's how minds work and how the creative process shakes out. You will unconsciously show the way you think people ought to behave, through how and when your characters are rewarded. Do you know what your values really are?

Shake out your worldview, then write.
Continue shaking out your worldview at regular intervals through life.

ETA Possibly still related: Bitchslap, "a column about women and fighting". By a self defense instructor.
Yup. I braved the grocery store and have food, water, and good English ales. We're east coast, but further inland, so we are in the "Tropical Storm Watch" band. The grocery store was devastated, but I still managed to get what I needed.

Lovely banner! I must let her know.

I saw that blog too. A lot of fun.

Will check out the article when my brain starts working again. Stupid jet lag!
The hurricane seems to be weakening as it heads north, so while it'll still be a big storm, it doesn't seem likely to be as bad as the worst forecasts I was reading yesterday. Keep that ale cool and ready to drink! Hoping you ride it out with nothing more than some stories about wild wind to tell.