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There is kink memeage. Please write for it!

So! Fresh anonymous kink meme post, no RPF version. (If there's interest, I'll make a separate RPF post, because we must encourage the Buffyverse fic these days.) Spread the word. Prompt. Fill a prompt. Though please, try to fill as many prompts as you post. You're anonymous! It's okay! Write those three paragraphs of the characters you were always too nervous to write before getting it on! Or talking all night over tea. Whatever it is you crave.

This time in lieu of an index post I'm going to be following the trend and obsessively bookmarking prompts & fills on the brand new Delicious account for the meme.

Relevant to my interests: The BBC is making a thing about the Pythons and Life of Brian, called Holy Flying Circus. Central is a on-air debate Cleese & Palin had about the film with the usual idiots. One of the few things that ever gave me hope for my JW mother was that she thought this movie was hilarious, and understood that it was making fun of organized religion, as in human institutions and the foibles of humanity, and not the alleged faiths of those institutions. Alas, she's still stuck in the cult 30 years later. Nothing to be done.

I should watch the movie again in preparation. It's been a long time since I last did so, and it is so very much the pinnacle of the Pythons' work. Though I will confess that the cheese shop sketch still makes me laugh myself sick, after all these years, and if I had to take one Pythonic thing with me to a deserted island, it would probably be that.

So yeah, anyway, fandom. What's up with it? Anything interesting? Should I do a dvd commentary on something or maybe a postmortem on "Arms and the Man"? I'm not yet ready to re-read that story, though. I'm still in the horrified-I-ever-posted-it stage with that one.
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