Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

In which I use that uncredited icon.

6000 words into my next project, which is enough that I have something to react to or continue on with every time I sit down in the Armchair of Writing. This tactic is my usual one. Once I have some prose I can argue with and fix, I can get myself into a writing mode almost every time.

We finally saw the last Harry Potter movie (which I call Hank VII part deux) and I now have a hankering for two things: Snape Doesn't Die fic, and Marauder-era Snape/Lily fic. Both variants sans character bashing, unless the character being bashed is a Malfoy in which case I'm fine with it. Preferably long. Any recs? Or pointers to place where trustworthy recs can be found? Thanks in advance!

Am going through a longfic phase. If I never read another present-tense "five things" fic that just barely hits 1000 words, it'll be too soon. I am backlashing hard against the LJ house style just now. I want it long, chewy, plotty, not necessarily p0rny (so I don't have to skip too much), and past tense.

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