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6000 words into my next project, which is enough that I have something to react to or continue on with every time I sit down in the Armchair of Writing. This tactic is my usual one. Once I have some prose I can argue with and fix, I can get myself into a writing mode almost every time.

We finally saw the last Harry Potter movie (which I call Hank VII part deux) and I now have a hankering for two things: Snape Doesn't Die fic, and Marauder-era Snape/Lily fic. Both variants sans character bashing, unless the character being bashed is a Malfoy in which case I'm fine with it. Preferably long. Any recs? Or pointers to place where trustworthy recs can be found? Thanks in advance!

Am going through a longfic phase. If I never read another present-tense "five things" fic that just barely hits 1000 words, it'll be too soon. I am backlashing hard against the LJ house style just now. I want it long, chewy, plotty, not necessarily p0rny (so I don't have to skip too much), and past tense.
I like the present as a special effect, when the writer has a specific mood they're going for. But as the default, past tense for English storytelling! It vanishes as you read.
Darn. you spoiled me.
Oh well. Guess I was the last one on earth you hasn't read the books or seen the movies.
I'm teasing!!! I don't mind being spoiled. I figured as much when someone said a lot of characters died. Plus I'm an angst whore.
I must say, I wouldn't mind seeing those recs myself. It's been a dog's age since I last spent time in HP fandom, but seeing the film did set me hankering for a dose of well-written Snape fic (rare and wonderful creature that it is).

There's so much out there, it's tough and extremely time consuming to sift through and find the really good stuff. This is obviously quite unhelpful as far as comments go, but I'll be watching this space to see if anybody passes along a good recommendation! ^_^

See below! Two commenters have provided some recs. I'm in the middle of the Holmes crossover now (in the "Snape doesn't die" category) and it is awesomeness. (Note also that it's Snape/Harry, as far as I can tell, and the shipping is a bit pasted on, but the plotty stuff is good.)
Snape Doesn't Die Fic:

A Man of Property
Dear Aunt Snape Snape's words reach more people than he'd counted on when he is recruited for The Quibbler's new advice column.
The Chocolate Frog War The war is over, and Severus Snape is in Azkaban. With Chocolate Frogs. Could there be worse? Well, yes. Correspondence about them. Just what is really going on?
Wholly to Be a Fool At the age of 65, Eileen Prince Snape is as surprised as anyone to find that she's finally developed an interest in being anybody's wife or mother.
The phonetic dialog is a minus, but otherwise this is a charming time-travel story. I can definitely appreciate how this writer is solving all the problems of doing Doyle and blending the worlds. Thumbs up.
I had to stop reading 'five things' fic because when they're good, I found it so frustrating that great ideas were being blown off in 250-300 words and would never be properly explored. They made me shriek with frustration too often.
YES EXACTLY. Great ideas and little sketches for stories that might be great if somebody could write them ARGH. Not that every five things fic is horrible & frustrating, just that too many of them are.
Snape Doesn't Die fic

Shutupshutupshutupshutup. I am NOT writing it. I am not. I am NOT. And the reason I am not is that it's a crossover and I don't LIKE crossovers. But I have the plot and large chunks of the dialogue and whatever else for the Buffy/HP H/C which ends up as Snape/Xander.

Only just got to the film myself, and was glad to see that normal film rules apply: any film with Alan Rickman is better than one without, and any film with a big Alan Rickman death scene is better than one without. JKR said something about 'but who could love Severus Snape?'. Woman hasn't got a bloody clue. Sarcastic and intelligent... and that's before adding Alan Rickman's voice which ought to come with health warnings. And all those buttons, to be undone very slowly...
Snape is so very much her most interesting character. I have no idea why she doesn't understand why he's interesting. I think sometimes that she was an unconscious writer.

And Xander? XANDER? You have to write that.

Xander. Seems obvious to me. It involves new wands - so porn jokes may be had - old books, furniture with snakes on, Buffy's hairbrush, Faith's hairbrush, auctions, angst... I could. I so could.

I don't want to. I've got 4 stories with Giles all shouting at once, I can't keep them clear in my head, but I want to get them down. I haven't got time for Snape as well.

JKR needed a much tougher editor in my opinion.