Theory: good prose vanishes. This theory will remain unexplained.

I am still chugging very slowly through summer_of_giles postings. I've been derailed by a sudden need to read the (in)famous Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. I have to say, this story is something rather spectacular. You might well hate it, but if you're a sucker for a logical argument the way I am, it's hilarious. And like all the best fan fiction, it offers some nice sharp critiques of its source canon. I have some theories about Professor Quirrell, but I'm only just over halfway through so I don't know if they're going to play out or not. But it's the sort of the fanfic you can have theories about without being ridiculous.

My original fiction story finally took off, in the sense that I spaced out the other night at dinner because a scene suddenly started happening in my head and I was distracted by considering the details of it. Where it was, where it fit in the overall plot, what the point of view character was up to, and so on. And today & yesterday I've been writing it. This is always a good moment for any project.

Cracktastic plot idea: Core 4 presented with a group marriage scenario, whether because of whacky demon hijinks or sudden dimensional shift. There's Neena's classic "Last Resort", but that's not quite what I want. I'm thinking only Core 4, set it season 4 or earlier, and all four of them are out of sorts with the idea. Perhaps swap them right into a dimension where they discover that their counterparts are happily set up in a typical group marriage and they've got to blend in. Hijinks ensue, probably mildly angsty ones for a while. Ends in pr0n, in the best fanfictional tradition.

Or you could have one character, probably Xander, from the parallel universe, presented with the three weirdos from the Sunnydale that we know. There needs to be some forcing function to jar the characters out of being able to continue in their usual ways. That would definitely be angst.

Dammit, somebody resurrect the BtVS kink meme. Make it BtVS/Angel only, no RPS stuff so the writers who object to RPS on ethical grounds will come back and provide the majority of the fills again, and … I'll catalog the responses for you or something. Yeah, I know, I know, I should do it. Shut up. Or talk me into doing it. One or the other.
Yanno, I was talking about the kink meme only yesterday - using it in my talk at writerconuk as examples of how different prompts can be, and how differently people respond to them. It lives on in fandom!
Woot! I think both meme posts (the original one in the smut comm, and the second one that you wrote a lot in :D) were *excellent* kink memes. Great fills featuring a wide variety of characters. Tiny by the standards of some fandoms, but high quality. I enjoyed them both.
Core four meets compelled relationship with a not-entirely smooth path to acceptance. Want.


The more I think about it, the more I like the "forced into arranged group marriage" scenario, not the AU one. Could plot either one out, I think.
So, what you're saying is some people refused to participate in the kinkmeme simply because RPGs were allowed, even though they were in no way obliged to write or read RPGs? And they claimed this was a question of ethics? My mind cannot seem to wrap itself around this logic.
I should probably have called it "RPF" instead of "RPS", since it's the real-person-ness that some people object to. It's a hot topic for some fans and the objections for some people are rooted in some serious privacy concerns. Younger/newer fans don't seem to give a damn at all. For other people it's so important that they don't want to go anywhere near anything associated with it.

I confess to my own squeamishness about it. The tinhats from LOTR and Supernatural fandom represent, to me, fandom at its absolute unhealthy worst. On the other hand, I am some day going to write that BtVS/Top Gear crossover where Buffy encounters The Stig and he's a demon, and Giles & James May team up to rescue Jeremy from a vampire who Jeremy has offended with his big mouth, and somehow I think this is different from writing long epics about the SPN actors and their Secret Affair. I might be a hypocrite, I dunno, but I can't go there with BtVS actor fic. They, unlike the Top Gear names, do not have public personas that are characters in themselves.

Another point: Actors are almost always less interesting than the characters they play. Tony Head is by all reports a sweet man, but to me he's a thousand percent less interesting than Rupert Giles.

My resolution was to simply skip those prompts & fills when reading for my own fun. (For modly categorizing, I would of course have carefully recorded them, 'cause modding is all about cataloging without opinion.) As it turns out, nobody was interested in writing any RPF for the meme iteration 2, so it was all a moot point. And given that what I care about most is fic about the BtVS characters, next time I mod a kink meme I'll do it sans the RPF prompts.
What the heck did I call it - roll playing game? Doh!

I feel exactly the same way - makes me totally squeamish. Turns me off entirely. But would it stop me from joining in on the fun? Er, no. My severe neuroses does that just fine.
:-) RPGs I can totally handle.

RPF turns my stomach. I won't play in comms or read journals where I'm going to find it frequently, because being around it gives me the same sickening, guilty feeling as I'd have if I didn't speak up to a bunch of guys laughing about feeling up women on trains. So yeah. It would definitely stop me from joining in.

I'm in no position to play now, but I'd loooove another kink meme. I had so much fun on the other one.

RPGs I can totally handle.

Not me. I had a terrible experience with one once. They're a trigger. I - I can't even talk about it.

RPF turns my stomach.

Mine too. I just skip those stories - just like I skip over most kinks that squick me - but if it stops someone who writes as amazingly well as you do from participating, I'd prolly forbid them, too. :)

I am some day going to write that BtVS/Top Gear crossover where Buffy encounters The Stig and he's a demon, and Giles & James May team up to rescue Jeremy from a vampire who Jeremy has offended with his big mouth

I'm with you as far as 'rescue Jeremy'. My own opinion is that Jeremy ought to be staked.
Made to suffer greatly, certainly. The spectacle of his horribleness is one of the things that keeps us watching, somehow. (Though mostly it's that I like fast cars.)
The more I think about this, the more convinced I am that you've got it back to front. It's Jeremy who's the demon. The Stig is the one they think for the first half of the story to be the demon, but he's actually the victim.

Who does Giles get to have sex with?
James May. Obv. (Not that I'll go there. This is a genfic comedic romp with major, major ridiculous hijinks.)

And great Scott! Of course the Stig turns out to be perfectly harmless.