Checking in to say hi.

This week's incisive analysis of an economic trend: we're so very doomed.

Also this week: More DDOS attacks on LJ, which make me all the more determined to stay. My jaw is set. Despite the politically-motivated annoyance, there were some fun things posted on summer_of_giles this week. Today is the free-for-all day, so we should see even more fun stuff. One thing I've been loving all month has been the season-by-season icons by harmony033.

I wandered away from my real-life Google Plus account in complete boredom. I did the same with Facebook so there's something about the medium that doesn't work for me. Twitter, on the other hand, remains my favorite lightweight social networking service.

I posted "Arms and the Man" to my fic archive, to FF.net, and to AO3. By far the easiest posting experience was to my own site, and that was the one that didn't involve pasting text into a web form. Edit a text file, run a script, run rsync to push static files to my host. Second was FF.net, which I made more complex than it had to be by breaking the story into chapters. (It seemed to suit the ff.net reading experience better than all in one file; ff.net affords multi-chapter epics really well.) Last was AO3, where I was once again baffled by the tagging experience. Usually I just bail and don't use tags at all there. This time I made an attempt then deleted a bunch of them.

And now it's time to do the newsletter! Assuming LJ's attackers will let me.
Good to know where we're headed (this is where that incisive commentary comes in handy). At least now I can make a plan (a doomed plan but nonetheless). I completely applaud the jaw setting. I set my own in solidarity. I really loved the last story. Beautiful, as always, lovely. I re-read the archive on a semi regular basis. It always holds up. And I've just realized that your dispatches have a lovely Douglas Adams flavor.

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Thank you and thank you! It is my pleasure to write stories that people enjoy. Well, sometimes I whinge endlessly about it, because writing is a lot of work and there are times when it feels like slogging through mud instead of skipping through a field of daisies, but in the end it's fun to hear I've given people a cool emotional experience.

And I first listened to the H2G2 radio show at a formative age, so that mode & voice are always in the stew of influences bubbling in my brain. My only DNA icon is my Arthur Dent WTF icon, so you get a misplaced WTF.
Lovely! I am so glad that my ear isn't off. One of the wonderful things about reading D.A. is how I hear it in my head. I've tried to turn some people on to it but it doesn't always work. Whenever I sit and read it, there is an inordinate amount of snorting and disturbing giggling, so I try to read where I don't distract traffic. :-)