That worked out okay after all.

I just looked at the state of my friends list and was slightly horrified. So many people! So many people whose names have turned into strikethroughs because they've moved on! So many people who've friended me whose names are unfamiliar!

This is what happens when you turn notifications off. Let this be a lesson to you.

So anyway. Hi! How are you doing? Are you here for the fic? The fic wittering? The rambling? The incisive analyses of economic trends?

In other news, I survived the inevitable mood crash that follows posting significant fic, at least for me. There's this period where all you can think about are the problems you left unfixed, the unwritten bits you'd wanted to put in, the lurking typos. You loathe the story, the impulse that drove you to write it, the text editor it rode in on, and the very pixels that render it on your screen. However, with this one the comments told me I'd managed to do what I wanted to do with it, despite all the flaws. The readers I'd wanted to make happy with it were happy. So it all turned out okay in the end.

My next project is to finish the original fiction thing I have going. As usual I'll have a fanficcy fidget story or two cooking along in the background when I need to flee from the main project. Fidget stories get finished unpredictably, however, because they have to become main projects at least for a short while to get polished & readable. I have no idea what the next thing will be. I have BG, GX, BGX, and GEB stories in progress.

I'm trying out a new LJ client; aslj_client. More info here. If you're reading this it worked. Interesting aspects of the source on github.
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very glad you're happy with the story lady! as soon as i get back to the states i will be finishing reading all the SOG entries i had to miss due to other (less important but more time consuming) stuff.

i just have to comment with a wail of pain - i went and looked at the asLJ client and it's BEAUTIFUL and sparkly and CLEAN and not filled with crap i don't need... but it only works on MAC and you could hear my howl of pain all across the country. I'm terribly sad now, and still using firefox only so i can continue to use deepestsender. *mopes*
You are in Japan! You should by all means continue doing stuff that you can only do there and put all the other stuff on hold until you get back.

Alas, I have no idea what the good LJ clients for Windows are. I just know that I hate using the default posting interface.
Though the incisive commentary is of course worthy, you write some of the best BG fic around. I am always delighted when you post, impressed when I hear how much you can lift and appreciate the wryness of the dispatches. Carry on!
Heh, thank you! And just as a rah-rah reminder, three years ago when I got started I couldn't even pick up the bare barbell. The human body adapts amazingly!
That is good to know. I've lost 35 pounds over the last year which is good (yeah me) but gravity is a cruel mistress.
The fic and the rambling. I loves me some good fic-y rambling.

(and I'm three stories away from finishing the Buffy on-screen canon now, yay!)