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Vegas was hot & soggy.

I'm back from my weekend at ConStrict, the tiny slash con in Las Vegas. Unusually, it rained on us every day we were there. Monsoon season arrived early, I'm told. I had no idea Vegas had a monsoon season. As usual I got to have a long talk with drsquidlove, and as usual it was my fannish recharge. I emerged with several Evil Plans(tm) for organized activity for Giles fandom once summer_of_giles concludes. Ficathonnage will happen.

Constrict needs more people coming next year. It's capped at 50, but this year we dipped below 30. (Though I'm told that the panels still had better attendance than some Escapade panels did.) I will say that now that I have experienced the "circle of chairs" approach to discussions, I never want to go back to the "official panelists at table with mics in front of audience" approach. It's way more fun & interesting to have everybody encouraged to talk, and the panels can move in unexpected directions.

Anyway, I like Constrict. Took a little time for me to get to know everybody, but by this point I mostly do. If you come to Constrict next year, you will at least know me! And we can have a little more Buffy talk in the panels to balance out all the Supernatural and Highlander talk. I will post more when it comes time to make plans for 2012's con.

Speaking of SoG, my big push to the finish with the Summer of Giles story starts today. I probably won't be doing much else in life in general until it's done.
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