Whistling in the dark

I am slogging on my summer_of_giles story. I hope to have a complete first draft by July 1, in which case disaster could happen and I'd still have something to post. Even if I'll curse myself for all eternity for posting first draft quality prose, sigh. Ask me what kind of faces I make when I re-read last summer's story. So the plan is complete a draft by then, spend two weeks revising, then post this giant thing on the date.

This will be my longest single story ever. I fall in and out of love with it daily. Sometimes I think it's hopelessly silly. Mostly I just really hope people enjoy it. I'm feeling discouraged about my writing for completely irrational reasons. I am stalled on a more important project, my origfic thingie. I just need to push forward without thinking.

I uploaded the Gileswatching newsletter source to a shiny new github repository. I will do the same with my fic archive tool soon-ish, though that's considerably less generalized than the newsletter tool. I'm attempting to wean myself from the comfortable subversion onto git, which is what everybody and their dogs are using these days even if it's kinda insane.

Mr Pedia & I just watched "The Tourist", which is a sort of caper movie starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant, except it's Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Jolie plays against type to good effect. Paul Bettany got to sneer a lot, which was fun. I thought the screenplay was decent: no eyeroll moments, no maddening plot holes, a few moments of good dialog. Not sure it would stand up to a rewatch, which makes it not great. The movie should, however, have been set 40 years ago so that spectacular wardrobe and the ball set piece could have proper homes.
No no, no changes at all! I'm still hosting it on Heroku as I've been for the last few months. I'm just making the source code available in the unlikely event somebody else wants to run a newsletter with it.
well, one rewatch at least;)

there are conversations (remarkably late in the movie) which develop additional entendres once you realize that AP had a sex change and stole elise's identity, then made up a story based on the ads tacked to a kiosk.

It's remarkably understated what's really driving Bettany here.
Re: rewatchability
Oddly, that movie came up while I was pondering whether this one was rewatchable. The question is, will a rewatch with the BIG SECRET in mind reveal the clues that make you say, "Oh I should have figured that out?" or will you become grumpy at being misled? Or worse, will it fall flat without that artificial tension? When I compared this to the other movie that I am resolutely not naming, I realized it wasn't actually genius in any way. It was, however, not a waste of the 90 minutes.
Re: rewatchability
I saw it in the theater. bai maiself because ai has no friends :)

This is a movie that makes me complain about actaging. You know: I have to suspend disbelief to take Angelina for a brit, just like I always have to in order to believe a woman with those upper arms (or without, really) pushing away an attacker or essaying a pullup and mantle. But you do that. It's kind of a betrayal to pretend we should have noticed that she didn't look authentic for the role in some subtile way. I especially felt that about that other movie.

I liked it, so many people working such devious plans, and knowing the various sekrits you can see them slowly panicking as the Shavian intrusion agleys their planz aft. I mean, at heart it's Roxanne; no, that other movie. But violent men encroach.