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"The Doctor's Wife" is my favoritest NuWho episode ever.

I've been twittering a ton if you're into such things. 100% fannish content, Buffy & Doctor Who. No boring real life crud.

Mr Pedia & I are in the middle of a margarita-fueled rewatch of this season of Doctor Who. We'll have many more comments about plot speculation as a result, I suspect. In the short term, I have two meta-comments. First, Neil Gaiman's dialog sparkles. Oh god, it is so good. His script, so good. Second, dramatic irony powers everything. You want to make a story burn with energy? Dramatic irony.

Well, there are other paths. But that one goes zoom. I might or might not be margaritaed up.

My SOG story is going to break 40K words tomorrow. And then it'll keep on screaming. It's all plotty stuff, too, none of your boring filler. Or so I hope. I'm sure I'll be horrified once it comes time to achieve a second draft.

Also: summer_of_giles!
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