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Doctor Who s06e06

That was... um, wow, better than I expected.

I suppose I was expecting something disappointing like the Silurian two-parter last series, notable only for Rory's death at the end. Instead we got something far darker, far creepier, and far more morally ambiguous in the good way.

The twists were predictable, by which I mean that Mr Pedia & I predicted them as we watched. They were still satisfying, mind you. We also had some far darker speculations that weren't borne out. One classic SF/horror version of this story, for instance, has all of the workers in the factory as Gangers all along, replicating the replicants while believing themselves to have been the originals. When the company sends the shuttle, it's to incinerate them all. But not on this TV show! Too dark.

Smaller points that struck me: How pleasant it is to see women as major characters on both sides of the conflict. We have a woman, Cleaves, whose defining trait is her tactical mind. We have another woman, Jennifer, who is an antagonist with motives we understand and agree with. The men are the disposable ones.

The pile of half-melted but aware Gangers was horrible. How did those people live every day with that in their presence? It nearly destroyed all my sympathy for them.

We never got the moment I wanted with Rory, where he makes the connection between his sympathy for the Jennifers and his own experience as an Auton.

Anagrams. Hmm. Can't make much of that.

The Doctor's deceit: a Trickster. Important to remember that.

Then we come to the reveal at the very end. Pond as a Ganger! The Doctor having suspected it for a little while! Rory trusting him and stepping aside. The Doctor sending the message to Amy that they're going to find her wherever she is. His anger as he cuts off the signal. Another classic horror trope with Amy, coming to awareness to find herself pregnant and in labor.

When was she taken? First guess would be while visiting the asylum during the Silence incident, but it's unclear. Why was she taken? "We do you honor." Who's the baby's father? It'll turn out to be Rory, because the show isn't that dark. Is the baby River Song?

The script offered us a solution to the puzzle of the season's first episode & the Doctor's death, then seemed to take it away. It might yet turn out to be related.
Moffat stated explicitly in the first Confidential that the Doctor, not a clone, was killed there. That seems to strongly imply that it was not a Ganger, though he couldn't use that term at that point without spoiling us.
We haven't seen that Confidential! We only started watching them a couple of episodes ago. So I suppose we're missing some cues.
I've got a feeling at this point that the original Doctor is going to die and a ganger is going to step in to fill his place, and we, the audience, are supposed to accept this after watching these episodes about how gangers are the same as the original and you can't tell the difference, etc. etc.

Or else he'll pull a mind game where we aren't sure if it's the Doctor or the ganger and "does it really matter?" I remember Big Finish doing the same thing a few times.

I'm really hoping they don't go there though. Really, REALLY hoping.
Yeah - loved the fact that the Doctor's switched shoes - presumably whilst doing their pop up routine behind that machine - and now Amy has told non-ganger Doctor about seeing him die. Nice!

Managed to figure out that Amy wasn't real - the clothes were a huge thing. She kept wearing that same shirt, episode after episode.

Now, the Doctor says that Amy hasn't been there for a "very, very long time". How long? LOL I assumed initially that the Amy they got back after being kidnapped in "Day of the Moon" was fake Amy - because the Silence use other people's tech. Maybe it's been longer? I don't know.

The trailer for next week is fantastic - but honestly... TWO Matt Smiths? Blimey, I damn near imploded from the happy...
Oh ho, the shirt as a clue! I'll ask Mr P when she started wearing it. He's planning to rewatch the series before next week's episode.

Matt Smith was awesome in this one. Just great. Been enjoying this series (pirate episode aside) down to the ground.
Hehee well this season she's been wearing it from "Impossible Astronaut". And each episode since - sometimes under jackets etc but it's ALWAYS there. Hell, even the Doctor changes his bowtie.

And I'm planning a rewatch starting today. I think we ALL are!

However - I think there's more stuff in season 5 to link in too. Did you notice in the trailer for next week that the same symbol is in the background when the soldier is speaking as when in "Time of the Angels" Amy was trying to get out of that ship (it was the symbol on the airlock).

It's very exciting, intriguing - and Matt is just a sexy beast.
I think the shirt is a red herring. Mostly because while she wore the same shirt, the bottom part of her outfit changed from episode to episode. Sometimes she had a skirt, sometimes pants. Also, she was wearing the black suit when the Silence kidnapped her. If she was replaced then, she'd be wearing that black suit all the time.

I think she was switched sometime during the 3 months she, Rory and River were traveling through America, counting the Silence. It just makes the most sense. (to me) She told him she was pregnant in IA and then in DotM she 'wasn't'. That's also when she saw the eyepatch! woman for the first time.
I wouldn't be surprised - but the shirt clued ME in to focussing on Amy a lot more - and then when they mentioned last week about the flesh replicating clothes...a lightbulb went off.
I think Amy was switched somewhere between Impossible Astronaut and Day of Moon. She saw eyepatch!woman before she went into the room where she was kidnapped by the Silence, which says to me she was Ganger then.

I was totally with you that this was going to be as disappointing as the Silurian 2 parter. The ex-roommate came over and we rewatched TRF because she needed some explanation, then went straight into TAP. I was all slouched in my chair after the 2 people went into the press conference, thinking, "That's all well and good, but what was the point?" and then I realized. I sat up and shouted "OMG! Amy's Flesh!" which just made the eps so much better.
when was she switched?
In the confidential the image they show behind the phrase "a long time" (that she's been flesh) is Amy and Rory getting out of the bus to meet the Doctor in the desert.

[ Moffat has been clear that the flesh Doctor IS the Doctor, so he's just misleading you. Not the first flesh Doctor, isn't that Georgia Moffet, still running around somewhere? ]

Amy has the first pregnancy symptom at the white house and the first pang right after they jump back to 1969. Possibly she's taken because of that, but that would seem sort of spontaneous and ad hoc, so I dunno.

Not the first time the recent Doctor has been to 1969, he went there in Blink. Mr Moffat has a thing for that year, he would have been 7.

River seems to have exactly the same sort of pang.

Isn't it weird that Amy & Rory have been hanging out living a normal life for several months without the Doctor when we start? I found that both suspicious and familiar.

Amy's flesh isn't making any decisions and Rory would certainly have noticed if the shirt couldn't be removed, so why would Amy keep wearing the same shirt? It makes no sense as a tell. Unless it goes with her cell.

"The Flesh can Grow!" we hear that over and over. "Silence Will Fall!"
There's something completely wrong with your life, Amelia.
I noticed she was wearing the same shirt, too, but I thought maybe it didn't mean anything so I discounted the significance of it. Now I'm going to have to rethink!

I've been thinking for awhile that the start of "Day of the Moon" was suspicious because they never really explain what the hell was going on in between that episode and the previous. Did they ever say why they incarcerated the Doctor? Was it just the Silence influencing people? I have a feeling that the Amy that showed up in the body bag was the flesh, but every Amy we saw up until that point was the real Amy.

Oh, you know, except now I'm thinking she's been flesh for this whole season. Remember the Silence in the bathroom told her to tell the Doctor what he must never know. She says something like, "I remember now" and we all think she's talking about the Silence. Then she tells the Doctor she's pregnant instead of that they saw his death. I'm thinking she somehow broke through to tell him she was pregnant so he'd scan her and figure out there was something hinky going on.

Waiting to find out the answers to all these questions is killing me!
i rewatched some snatches and I'm not convinced it's the same shirt. She just always wears a tartan (presumably because she's scots), when they're playing darts you can see another one draped over the back of a chair by the console. The first one's a dark huntery thing, but most of them are mostly red and white.

I'm thinking there's this one Silent on the side of the angels. He's definitely trying to help them, even though he's a killjoy. Shows up at the funeral and the bathroom. He tells her to tell the doctor what he must know AND what he must never know. Pregnant, & Dead? She's done both now.

Yeah the bit about pregnancy was weird, like she was struggling to talk around a mental block. So I think she was flesh then and back in the oval office, which means since before the season started. Or before the previous season started. She was always a weird little girl. She woke up, and it was all a dream.
I think you're right about the Silent in the bathroom being on their side. They couldn't have figured anything out without it. I hope this next episode answers some questions about the little girl, too. I know we assume the little girl is Amy's baby, but why would a human child be both really strong and able to regenerate? Can't wait for this new episode. Although, I have a feeling this next cliffhanger is going to be even worse!