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In which I plot songfic. SCREAM IN TERROR.

Some day I will write songfic for the lyrics of this track. Which are:

All the clouds turn to words
All the words float in sequence
No one knows what they mean
Everyone just ignores them.

It'll be a supernatural-horror gen mystery set in early season 5, where Buffy and Giles have to figure out this strange thing that's happening to the skies over Sunnydale. It amuses me to take the verse as literally as possible.

"Over Fire Island" is another supernatural story with the demon of the week defeated while the Scoobies are vacationing. The story is reminiscent of the Bobbsey Twins with its slightly generic lake setting and the oddly pre-sixties nature of the vacation town. Also, Xander inexplicably wants to be a fireman. The resolution of the plot is vaguely unsettling.

"St Elmo's Fire" is obviously Giles/Xander, post-series. It's structured around a cross-country walk the two take, in pursuit of a fleeing demon. Giles is tempted to explain the electrical phenomenon but doesn't because he's distracted by slightly dangerous sex.

"In Dark Trees" is already part of my "Giles, Ethan, and Buffy go to Hell" story sound track. There's a chase on horseback through a rain-drenched forest at night. This is the sound of that chase.

Not sure what to do with "The Big Ship". It has so many idiosyncratic associations for me that I find impossible to reduce to words. Perhaps a story about Giles having a transcendent experience with magic, pre-series, pre-bad-stuff. Yet another positive depiction of drug use.

"I'll Come Running". Hmm. Fripp's loveliest solo ever. Gotta be romantic shipper fic with slightly co-dependent undertones that readers will entirely overlook. Giles/Buffy, season 6.

"Another Green World", the title track. Dawn breaks while Giles binds Buffy's wounds. The resurrection of hope, post-apocalypse. Brief and moody, leaves the reader feeling better about everything.

There. That's side one of a recording I cannot live without reduced to songfic. I'll leave side two for desecration when I'm stuck and writing another day's morning pages.
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