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Wandering into the room then out again.

I now have a hotel room for Constrict. Woot. That's an item off my checklist for the week. I had a sort of a long checklist at the start of the week and I am slowly whittling it down. I take my victories where I find them.

Hmm, do I have any other victories to report? I continue to pick up heavy weights and then put them down again. I tested my single-rep maxes on the classic lifts recently and was gratified by the numbers. I have a powerlifting total of 600# flat. This is the number you get when you add your bench press, your deadlift, and your back squat maxes. 600 is a good start. I guess that's a victory.

I don't look significantly different when I'm shambling around fully dressed. But if you ask me to flex my bicep, that's when the difference shows up. I have biceps to flex, for instance. That was never the case before.

What else? Story chugs along, as does other story, as does software project. I ditched Ruby and went with Node.js, which is pure awesome even though the language is kinda clunky. Redis is amazing stuff: data structures exposed over the network! Real ones! Holy shit! So is Riak, but for different reasons. I am a convert to polyglot persistence, oh yeah.
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